• Add "Multiple messages" option which allow you to create multiple message with different sending time.
• Improve repeat several times option. You can now repeat with unlimited different date time for a message.
• Fix issue that can not set a specific group name to reply.
• Minor bugs fixes.

Do It Later is the easiest way to automate and plan your messages for SMS, WhatsApp, WA Business, Telegram and more.

Scale your customer support, sales and marketing operations with Do It Later by sending prewritten messages to any contacts and groups automatically.

A few examples of how Do It Later can help you to save your time:

# Send birthday message to your friend at exactly future day and time.
# Send good night message every night between 10h - 10h30 PM to your children.
# Send a promotion message to 100 customers at the same time.
# Auto reply a message "I am driving, can't talk now" to any received messages or missed calls why your are driving,
# Quickly take note after a call ended.
# Remind you to drink water by voice.
# Simulate a fake caller to rescue yourself from annoying conversation.

Do It Later is a must-have tool for small business and busy persons to plan your communications ahead of time.

Auto Sender
• Schedule WhatsApp, WA Business, SMS with day & time.
• Send text message to any numbers, groups, broadcast list without saving any contacts
• Import recipients from file
• Bulk sender (Mass text) - send a single message to multiple recipients.
• Send recurring text (e.g. every 15 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly...)

Auto Responder
• Auto reply message to any social messaging apps while you are driving or busy.
• Auto respond to incoming messages
• Auto answer to missed calls or ended calls.
• Auto reply with location.
• Customize your own reply rules, choose to whom you want to send reply.

Voice Reminder
• Remind you by speaking aloud your reminder.
• Get your note without turning on the phone screen.
• Set call reminders, easy take note after an ended call.

Fake Caller
• Simulate a fake caller to rescue yourself from awkwardness like annoying conversation, boring meeting.

The best auto message sender app on Android to schedule WhatsApp and SMS.

This app uses Accessibility Permission for automation purpose, no user data has been shared or collected.
This app is NOT affiliated with WhatsApp or Telegram

• Website: doitlater.co
• Email: kant@doitlater.co

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4.8.1 BUNDLE 1 S 4aa9
September 30, 2022
Android 4.4+
4.8.1 APK 94ab
September 29, 2022
Android 4.4+
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