Save time with brand new login option! You can now sign in to Kaspersky app on any device with your Apple account. Which means new speedy and convenient way to access the service!

Kaspersky Secure Connection is an easy-to-use VPN service app – and a great alternative to a proxy server – that lets you explore the Internet privately and securely on your Android tablets and phones – and at super-fast speeds! Join us now and start enjoying a fantastic VPN experience, including secure data encryption and private Internet access.

Kaspersky Secure Connection – enjoy more Wi-Fi security, more internet privacy and more freedom to browse.
• Uses secure VPN to protect you on risky public Wi-Fi
• Keeps your emails, photos, bank details & more private
• Lets you access more sites & content via fast VPN

Enjoy lightning fast internet
Get online through the fastest VPN server you can connect to. Simply select “the fastest server”* in your list of servers to browse like a pro with exceptionally fast VPN.

Be certain your data is always safe
Our Kill Switch* feature automatically cuts your Internet connection if your VPN app connection drops – ensuring your data is never exposed to unprotected Internet.

Broaden your Netflix horizons
Netflix’s hottest shows and movies* can often premiere in regions outside your own**. Explore the possibilities of bringing global entertainment to your devices with our borderless VPN.

Enhance your gaming experience
Looking for a way to improve ping and FPS so you can enjoy better, faster gaming? Simply choose to connect through a server that matches the location of the game server.

Stay safe on public Wi-Fi
Our app auto-launches when public Wi-Fi hotspots are detected. Which means it’s simple for you to secure your Internet privacy in cafes, airports and other public places.

Gain the power of invisibility
Because our VPN service hides your IP address, you get to be a private browser any time you use it to connect – creating a privacy screen that makes you invisible to hackers.

Access unlimited sites & apps
With VPN unlimited* traffic at super-fast speeds you can stream all the music you want, or watch an endless supply of online movies, TV shows or live sports, even in HD.

Encrypt your online data
Protect all the data and communications you send and receive online – including files, emails, chats and video calls – with super-strong encryption.

Browse without borders
Want to unblock geo-restricted TV shows and live sports? Or access out-of-region website offers? Simply connect through a VPN server in a country where restrictions don’t apply.

*with Kaspersky VPN premium
**please note, you can unblock Netflix in the US and UK

Other things our users love
• Alerts you after your VPN download to help you get started
• One-tap connection – gain online privacy and security in seconds
• Expanding network – over 300 servers in 25+ countries & counting
• Bold new interface which displays your key personal VPN info
• Fast & super-secure torrenting – part of our super VPN experience
• Free, expert 24-hour support

What the review site say
“It’s one of the fastest services for those who need access to the US, something that’s still a challenge for many of its rivals…” | Feb 6, 2020

How does VPN work?
VPN technology creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between your device and a VPN server, so that all the data you send and receive online is completely unreadable. Which means nobody – including websites you visit, government authorities or even your own ISP – can view your information or record your actions.

VPN functionality transfer specifics:

Privacy policy

Terms of usage:

Limitations apply:

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August 14, 2022
Android 5.0+
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August 14, 2022
Android 5.0+
nodpi APK
August 14, 2022
Android 5.0+
nodpi APK
August 14, 2022
Android 5.0+
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