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-Added a new feature: Fortress Fight! Alliances can fight for the control of the Fortresses in the world map to win great rewards
-Added State Intel: survivors are able to view the State Intel via the Intel Post
-Adjustment for Dev Camps and Intel Rally: there will be 5 Dev Camps levels now; the difficulty of the Intel Rally depends on the Alliance Level
-Optimized the chat system display
-Optimized building slots display
-Minor optimization for the event, “Hunting the Hunter”
It’s been six months since the outbreak. Six months of terror, isolation and grueling hardship. Most folk didn’t make it. But you did. Welcome to the State of Survival.

The infection ripped across the country taking civilization with it. Any surviving military or government went to ground. The land belongs to the infected now. As well as any survivors brave enough to stake their claim for it.

Make friends or fight with other survivors. Do whatever you must to survive. It won’t be easy. The infected are everywhere. Resources are scarce and you must salvage what you can from the carcass of society.

It’s a new world out there. Dangerous, yes, but filled with opportunity. Immense power awaits those bold enough to grasp it. But remember to watch your back. It’s fair to say people aren’t quite as friendly as they used they be…

Build up your Settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and a foundation for your post-apocalyptic empire.

Save survivors to swell your numbers and increase your strength. Locate those with special abilities, they will be the heroes of the plague war!

The zombie disease is mutating rapidly. Learn whatever you can to understand it. Whoever can control the infection controls the state!

There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected Wilderness. Join forces to pulverize any who try to take advantage of you.

Rip up the Rulebook
It’s humanity 2.0. Rewrite the rules on how you want humankind to progress.
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September 27, 2019
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September 27, 2019
Android 4.1+
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