Welcome to AdVenture Capitalist, the world's greatest money making simulator!
Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Being the master of your own destiny? Becoming a capitalist tycoon? Do you just dream about money, money and MONEY, even when you sleep? Then AdVenture Capitalist is the idle clicker for YOU!

From the humble start of running a lone lemonade stand to becoming the CEO of a cash printing, money making multinational conglomerate you're in for the adventure of a lifetime in this dream idle simulator.

Expand your capitalist empire with these amazing features:
- Hire managers to automate and boost your profits
- Make money even while you idle or sleep!
- Attract eager Angel Investors to prestige and amplify your money making potential! The
only way to go is UP UP UP!
- Deck out your capitalist in custom outfits and accessories that not only look cool but
also add boosts to your businesses
- Explore adventures beyond Earth on the Moon and Mars!
- Participate in limited time events that bring special rewards

AdVenture Capitalist - a wonderfully addicting idle clicker.
From version AdVenture Capitalist 7.1.0:
Here’s what’s new in 7.1.0:

Event Goals! You can now earn more rewards in limited time events! Complete task-based Goals to gain points, earn new rewards and climb higher on the leaderboards than ever before!
Entrepre-new-er! Introducing a new tutorial system to help all you fresh-faced Capitalists get a leg up!
UI and You! Minor improvements to Unlocks and Non-Automated Businesses!

What are you doing still reading this? Time is money! Good luck, Capitalists!
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February 7, 2019