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Sehhaty is provided by the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, in line with its vision to increase access to care, improve standards of healthcare and increase health awareness in the community.

It is the National Population Health Platform for all citizens’ and residents’ health information and related services in Saudi Arabia with over 24 million user registered.

It aims to enable individuals to obtain their health information and receive medical e-services provided by different health organizations in the Kingdom.

Within the Ministry's strategy to facilitate access to health care and improve, its quality, great achievements have been accomplished to integrate all applications in the health sector. So far; Mawid, Tetamman, Sehha app., RSD and insurance card from the Council of Health Insurance have been merged. Work is ongoing to complete to merge with the rest of the services in the health systems.

Some of these services include:

COVID-19 Tests appointments: With +24 Million appointment

COVID-19 Vaccine: +51 Million vaccine dosage administered

Appointments: +3.8 Million physician and virtual appointments booked

Medical Reporting (e.g. Sick leave): +9.5 million Sick leave report issued

Real-time consultation: +1.5 million consultation

Promoting healthy lifestyle and awareness: +2 Million Registered individuals in the walking campaign and +700K in Know Your Numbers Initiative for capturing health related vital signs.

In addition to other services:
Health Wallet

Medication Prescriptions

My Doctor Service

Children Vaccine

Drug Search (RSD)

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February 7, 2023


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January 29, 2023


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November 14, 2022


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November 13, 2022


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