We heard you. Now you can continue using the LinkedIn Lite app even when you are offline! Watch out for more updates for our offline mode.
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LinkedIn Lite is a brand new app from LinkedIn which is built to work efficiently even on slow internet connections. It takes minimal phone space, making sure your phone memory is saved. On the LinkedIn Lite app, you can connect to job opportunities and build your professional profile. This app makes it easier for you to discover people who matter, potential recruiters who can offer you jobs and get regular news and updates about topics from the business world. LinkedIn Lite offers an online social network that helps you stay connected and build professional relationships.

Use LinkedIn Lite to connect to fellow employees, batch-mates and alumni from your university and college, as well as hiring managers and recruiters who can help you in your job search. Stay up-to-date and engage in interesting conversations about business and office matters as well as industry events. Follow influencers who inspire you and contribute to your learning and growth. Find current employees at companies you are interested in, connect with them and contact them for your job search.

On the LinkedIn Lite app, your job search, research about companies and employees can all happen on the go, without eating into your internet bandwidth. Using LinkedIn is the #1 way to job search, find internships, freelance, find part time opportunities and more. The LinkedIn Lite app makes it easy to share your knowledge and thoughts with others. Write posts, discover and share important news along with your thoughts and opinions.

Download the LinkedIn Lite app and start your job search by creating or updating your LinkedIn profile, which captures your professional brand and journey. Your LinkedIn profile is like your virtual resume which you can edit and update anytime, and share with your network. Let prospective employers, recruiters and hiring managers know about your accomplishments and job responsibilities. If you are a student, update your courses, areas of interest, university, school and hobbies.

Here’s how you can use the LinkedIn Lite app to grow your career
• Search for people, alumni, seniors, jobs and companies
• See all types of jobs including government jobs, MNC jobs, fresher jobs or entry level jobs, tech jobs, software jobs, finance and banking jobs, HR jobs, sales and marketing jobs, internships and more
• Make useful connections with people who can help you in your job search
• Send messages and chat with your connections to get job referrals and career advice
• Make a professional profile that shows your skills, education, projects, internships and work experience
• Get the latest industry news and updates that can help you stay informed, provide interview preparation tips, and much more
• Add a profile image and employment or university details so that recruiters and hiring managers can discover you

Have questions? Write to us at team-mobile@linkedin.com

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March 23, 2018
Android 4.4+
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