Version 6.5.1: minor fix

Version 6.5

User interface enhancements:
♦ new option to perform automatic clearing of search text
♦ improved user interface to avoid unintentional delete of history/bookmarks/notes items

The free offline English dictionary application explains the meaning of English words! Definitions are based on English Wiktionary. Fast search, easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets.
Ready to go: it works offline without any further file to download!

♦ More than 426000 english definitions and large number of inflected forms
♦ You can leaf through words using your finger (swipe right and left)
♦ Manage your bookmarks, personal notes and search history
♦ Crossword help: the symbol ? can be used in place of single unknown letter. The symbol * can be used in place of any group of letters. The fullstop symbol . can be used to mark the end of a word.
♦ Random search button (shuffle), useful to learn new words
♦ Share word definition using other apps, like gmail or whatsapp
♦ Compatible with Moon+ Reader, FBReader and other applications via share button
♦ Backup&restore configuration, personal notes and bookmarks on local memory, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box clouds (available only if you have installed these applications on your device)
♦ Camera search via OCR Plugin, available only on devices with back camera. (Settings->Floating Action Button->Camera). The OCR Plugin has to be downloaded from Google Play.

Fuzzy search
♦ To search words with prefix, e.g. starting with 'moon', please write moon* and the dropdown list will show the words starting with 'moon'
♦ To search words with suffix, e.g. ending with 'moon', please write *moon. and the dropdown list will show the words ending with 'moon'
♦ To search words containing a word, e.g. 'moon', just write *moon* and the dropdown list will show the words containing 'moon'

Your settings
♦ Black and white themes with user defined text colors (press menu-->select Settings-->click on Theme)
♦ Optional Floating Action Button (FAB) supporting one of the following actions: Search, History, Favorites, Random search and Share option; Optional shake action with similar actions.
♦ Persistent Search option to get automatic keyboard at startup
♦ Text to speech options, including selection of British or American accent (press menu-->select Settings-->click on Text to Speech-->select Language)
♦ Number of items in history
♦ Customisable font size and line spacing, default screen orientation
♦ Start up option: home page, most recent word, random word or word of the day

♦ No voice output? Please follow instructions here:
Note: word pronunciation works only if voice data have been installed in your phone (Text-to-speech engine).
♦ British word pronunciation not working? Please follow instructions here:

♦ Question & Answers:
♦ Keep safe your bookmarks and notes, please read:
♦ Information about permissions used by the application can be found here:
♦ Download also the other livio offline dictionaries available in Google Play for a broader and unique experience

In case Moon+ Reader does not list my dictionary: open pop-up "Customize dictionary" and select "Open dictionary directly when Long-Tap on a word"

⚠ An offline dictionary needs memory. In case your device has low memory, please consider to use the online dictionary:

Information for application developers:
✔ This application provides Dictionary API for 3rd party developers, please read further details:

This application requires the following permissions:
♢ INTERNET - to retrieve the definition of unknown words
♢ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (aka Photos/Media/Files) - to backup configuration and bookmarks


This release may come in several variants. Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

6.5.1-qc3m APK
March 25, 2023
Android 6.0+
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