We've finally launched on Android, after building a base of about 400,000 users on the iOS platform!

Stitch It! allows you to create one seamless image of a text message conversation so that you can share it via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, or anywhere else in the series of tubes that is the webernet machine.

The steps are easy:
- TAKE screenshots of your text message
- CROP screenshots together into one seamless image
- EDIT out any private information on the redact page
- SHARE with the world using our many sharing options!


- Stitch the seams together easily using our transparent overlay crop tool
- Two redact "ink" styles: freeform and locked-in horizontal
- Automatically saves every stitched image to your photo library
- Upload your image directly to an unlisted URL on imgur.com
- Sharing through WhatsApp, email, text message, Reddit, or any app that utilizes your photo library
- All sound FX made with Jacob's mouth! Cameron added a 'disable' feature.

Supported Languages:
- Arabic
- French
- Hindi
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Malay
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Traditional Chinese
- Simplified Chinese

Let us know what you'd like to see in our first update!

- The Stitch It! team
From version Stitch It! - Screenshot Editor 1.1.20:
- General bug fixes. Smoosh!
- Fix image library counter. You had ONE JOB, counter, ONE JOB!
- Move tutorial to YouTube for size reduction. Our bad on that one… it was bloating the app and we’re sorry.
- Correct sound toggle
- Reduce preview size so that moving is easier to manage. Oh, and arrows to give you even more precision!
- Added MOAR languages - Portuguese, Malay, and Traditional Chinese!
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