An awesome customizable alternative to your default Android SMS & MMS messaging app.

A simple, smooth, and effective messenger app.

You can customize almost everything, and you have access to awesome messaging features like the message typing indicator and real time caller id.

If you are frustrated by the default Android message app, you must try Mood SMS


Fully Customizable (per contact if you want):

- Message bubble shapes & colors

- Backgrounds & over 100 messaging themes

- Message fonts & text size

- Messages notifications (LED, sounds, vibration, format)

- Animated Emojis - iOS, Android or Emoji One style emojis. Discover a messenger app like no other

- Choose over 100 free themes to personalize your messenger app

- Dark mode


Awesome texting features:

- Typing indicator to see when your contact is writing you a message

- Secure your messages with Chat Encryption between Mood Premium users

- Group messaging conversations

- Real time Caller ID - no more number guessing!

- Easy & Fast messaging from the After Call Screen

- Private conversation to hide messages and protect them with a password

- Spam blocking to blacklist annoying messages

- Send funnier messages thanks to animated GIF library


- Dual SIM

- Easy location sharing

- Schedule your messages

- Delay sending messages to avoid mistakes

- Pin important conversations at the top of the list for instant messaging


So, if you want a messenger app, crash-free, user-friendly SMS & MMS texting app with dozens of awesome features, look no further and give Mood a try.

Mood SMS is compatible with most brands of phones like Samsung, Huawei, Wiko, Sony, and HTC.


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From version Mood SMS - Custom Text & MMS

- Better way of showing a notification badge. Sometimes it was not shown and sometimes not cleared when a message was read
- Fixed smileys misplaced, When using quick reply
- Gif-burst fixed when doing animation gif
- Frequently Asked Questions can be found here and within the app
- Stability fixes

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