Medal helps you record, share and watch epic gaming moments.


Download Medal Desktop ( onto your computer and your recordings will show up instantly on the app!

• Press F8 to record what you just did on-screen
• Highlights automatically show up on your phone
• Easy on the GPU
• Free storage
• Fully synced to the Medal app


• Each highlight gets a unique shareable link
• Share clips directly to iMessage, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.
• Share clips in group chat
• Manage your chats with tools like mods, kicking, banning, and more


• Swipe down an endless stream of epic gaming clips and highlights
• Watch only the games that you care about
• Follow your friends
• Upvote and comment
• Favorite clips and save them to your profile

Have fun and remember: clips or it didn’t happen.

For feedback and questions, please contact us via our social media:





Terms of Service
From version Medal - Record & Share Gaming Highlights 4.3.9:
- Major performance improvements
- Major bug fixed where you deny contact access and the app doesn't load
- Notification Preferences: Mute those annoying friends of yours. Just kidding your friends are awesome.
- New tutorial - but you wouldn’t care about that because you’re already awesome.
- View on original web link: For example, if somebody submits a clip via MedalBot, you can now view the original clip on the web
(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 4.3.9 on October 15, 2018
All versions