1.Homepage customization, you can add your favorite website on the start page now.
2.Fixed some small bugs.
Turbo Browser is a lightweight, secure and fast android mobile web browser, which provides you with a top-level Internet browsing experience with an extremely secret anonymous mode, enhanced adblock features, smooth video download speed and simple UI design.

Main Attraction 🚀
🞂Small size
Designed for android phones, tiny, versatile and easy to use.
🞂Powerful ad-blocker
Turbo Browser has robust ad blockers that protect users from ads, spam, pop-ups and viruses while searching for information, browsing websites and reading articles. Ensure a stable and clean browsing experience.
🞂Private browsing
In incognito mode, all your actions are anonymous and untraceable. Once logged out, cookies and history are also completely gone. You are invisible and unproblematically safe here.
🞂Speedy downloading
Turbo Browser not only runs fast, but also can quickly access to any website and download multiple files (documents, PDFs, photos, videos, games, etc.) in a super high speed.
🞂Max data-saving
There is no image mode to disable image and movie loading to save data on the network. In addition, Turbo browser uses less memory, consumes less power, and has minimal consumer damage to the phone.
🞂Smart Searching
On one hand, you can choose from a variety of mainstream search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, etc. On the other hand, Turbo Browser also offers page searches that quickly locate prominent words.
🞂Multiple customizations
Full screen, font size, PC version, etc. can be customized to easily build your unique browsing space based on personal habits.
🞂Simple UI design
Turbo Browser provides a clean interface so you can focus on content and find information faster.

More Surprises 🤠
Trending news, Keep up to date with the latest social news and hotspots.
Weather, easily check the local weather and temperature within 5 days from the homepage at any time.
Exchange Rate, real-time query of the latest currency exchange rate changes.

Warm Tips💐
-How to enter the ad blocking mode?
Turbo Browser has built-in AD blocking feature, and is enabled by default. So once you open it, you're in AD blocking mode.
-How to manage your downloads?
Click on the bottom menu bar > Downloads > manage images/videos/audio directly.
-How to enter or exit the stealth mode?
Click on the bottom menu bar > Incognito/Normal.
-How to clear cache and cookies to make browser safer?
Click on the bottom menu bar > Settings > Clear data > No trace any more.

About US 👀
Turbo Browser is a private browser, dedicated to providing users with a faster open and download experience. If you have any issues, suggestions or just want to say hello:
Facebook: Turbo Browser
Email: [email protected]

Nice to meet you & look forward to hearing from you. 🙈
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September 27, 2018
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