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- App compiled as .apk and not as app bundle.
- Added option to ignore apps
- Added grid view
- Better app listing (system apps and installed apps which have a Google Play App page)
- Added option to launch the app and open Google Play page directly from the app
- Minor UI changes
By now managing the subscriptions to beta programs of your apps is simple with Google Play.
But what if you want to participate in a limited number beta program (for example WhatsApp or LinkedIn)?

Beta Maniac allows you to periodically scan the beta programs of the apps you have installed, and sends you a notification when a limited number beta program becomes available again, and you can subscribe to the beta program simply by clicking on the notification.

You can also manage your subscriptions to beta programs directly from the app, filter the lists according to your tastes and enjoy an attractive and up-to-date design.

Do you want the dark theme? Don't worry, it's already included!

Only for true beta testers!
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March 30, 2020
Android 5.0+
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