We also made a few under the hood improvements so drivers reach you even faster. And if you enjoyed your ride, you can leave a tip for however much you want.

Yango is an easy-to-use app for getting around the city
Taxify your life with the Yango taxi app. It puts the whole city in your hands and lets you ride wherever you want to go via taxi. Do it all by making a taxi order via the Yango taxi app.

An international service
Yango is a ride-hailing service that operates mobility and delivery aggregators in 19 countries, including Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Senegal and Zambia.

Choose the right service class for you
Reach your destination at the right level of comfort and price for you. Choose from several service classes. Start is perfect for short rides. Economy is awesome for when you need a car fast. Comfort lets you sit back and enjoy the ride. And The Fastest offers rides when the service class doesn’t matter… you need the closest available taxi!

Ride safely
Safety is our top priority. You’ll see who’s coming to pick you up and in which car right in the app. You’ll see the driver’s name and rating and be able to share your ride with whomever you like so they know where you are.

Smart destinations
Yango will suggest destinations for your taxi ride based on your ride history, like first offering ‘home’ as a destination because it’s your most common taxi order on weekday evenings. Ride taxis the smart way!

Multiple destinations, one route
The Yango taxi app makes everyday life easier. Like picking the kids up from school, dropping a friend off at a market, and doing some quick shopping on the way. Just add a new taxi order stop in the app, and Yango will recalculate a new route for the driver. That makes it even easier to ride a taxi.

Order for someone else
Yango lets you order friends and loved ones a ride by taxi. Get your mother to a doctor’s appointment with a taxi order. Send a taxi online to pick up your special someone. Or get each of your friends a ride home after a night out. You can order up to 3 cars at once.

Tell your friends about the Yango taxi app and get discounts
You can get discounts for your rides by inviting friends to use the Yango taxi app. Share your personal promo code with them and receive bonuses when they take their first ride. Ride taxi, tell friends, save. It’s as easy as that.

Enjoy your ride!
If you would like to share your feedback on the Yango taxi app or a specific taxi company, please use the feedback form located at yango.com/en_gh/support/?lang=en

Yango is an informational service and not a transportation or taxi services provider. Transportation services are provided by third parties.
The 30% (450 FCFA) discount is valid on the first three rides for new users in Douala and Yaoundé until 31.12.2023. Up to 30%/20% (max 400 FCFA/500 FCFA) discount is valid on the first three rides for new users in Bouake/Abidjan until 31.12.2022. Up to 50% (max 6 GHC/5 GHC) discount is valid on the first three rides for new users in Accra/Kumasi until 31.12.2023.
The 30% (max 10 EUR) discount is valid on the first three rides for new users in Helsinki until 31.12.2023. The 30% (max 100 kr) discount is valid on the first three rides for new users in Oslo until 31.12.2023.

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