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Monkey is about making friends and having fun. A social app where you can share who you are and meet like-minded people in seconds. A community that celebrates individuality and embraces self-discovery. And last but not least, an all-encompassing space where you can collect bananas and redeem exclusive merch - for free.

📷 Video Chat 📷
Engage in authentic conversations with cool people

🤳 Post a Moment 🤳
Express yourself and be heard with short videos

💬 DM 💬
Say hey after your video chat or in response to someone’s Moment

🔕 Text Chat 🔕
Low-key chat with video and text messages

🍌 Redeem Merch 🍌
Collect bananas and redeem exclusive merch

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April 24, 2019
Android 5.0+
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