The official application for the passenger of Moscow. Do not stand in traffic jams - to move from the comfort!

Save time and money
Build and choose the best route. The app is easy to calculate the travel time, number of transfers and the total cost of the trip.

Move to facilities
Multimodal routes, taking into account all possible modes of transport (public transport, bicycles and private car). The application will show the movement and arrival time online, but still displays the available options (the presence in the cabin wi-fi, air conditioning, access for people with disabilities).
In the near future will be added taxis, scooters and karshering.

Forget about the queues
Refill "Troika" card balance, buy tickets for Aeroexpress and city shuttle right in the app.

Keep up to date
The most current news from the official Twitter of transport companies in the Annex. They will help in time to adjust your route and avoid delays.

The app determines your geopozitsiyu and show the actual tape of discussions, in which it is possible to have a dialogue with fellow travelers complain about the vehicle or driver.

Trips by public transport, places of interest, places of interest nearby and bright events in Moscow - all this is marked on a map or displayed on your interface.

Navigation in augmented reality, a pedometer and count calories to help you achieve the cherished 10,000 steps a day and get to your destination quickly and having fun!

About the use of data
You do not have to give your real name to use the application. Geolocation data are used to display the location on the map, following the route, determine the distance to objects (scooters, electric charging stations, pick-up point in the Bus-on-demand service), receive information geo-targeted PUSH-notifications about changes in the operation of transport system and road closures.
Using the personal data meets the Federal Law 152-FL. Learn more about privacy policy at

From version Moscow transport 8.0.1:

Updates in version 8.0.1

Troika card management functions in the app

Link your Troika card in your profile to top up, record and view your balance and unused trips, and transfer funds in case of loss

(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 6.7.2 on October 23, 2021
(Android 6.0+)
Latest: 6.8.1 on December 18, 2021
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Moscow transport 8.0.1
August 12, 2022


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Moscow transport 8.0
August 8, 2022


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Moscow transport 7.1.3
August 2, 2022


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Moscow transport 7.1.2
July 27, 2022


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Moscow transport 6.8.21


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Moscow transport 6.8.20


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Moscow transport 6.8.19
April 28, 2022


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Moscow transport 6.8.18
April 20, 2022


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Moscow transport 6.8.17
April 12, 2022


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Moscow transport 6.8.16
April 4, 2022


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