¡Te sorprendemos con novedades!
¿Sabías que ahora vas a poder guardar tus Gigas para el mes que viene? Es muy fácil, solo tenés que entrar en la App, tu cuenta y hacer clic en Guardá Gigas.
Además, con nuestra App vas a poder gestionar todas tus líneas en un mismo lugar, hacer consultas sobre tu plan, controlar tus consumos, mirar y pagar tu factura o recargar saldo con tarjetas de crédito y débito.

Have your mobile, land line and internet always handy with the Mi Movistar application. See the details for your plan and usage. See and pay all your bills. Get answers to questions with Aura and find out about your exclusive benefits. Do all that and a lot more with the only app that can give you all the information about your Movistar products.

• Do you have Movistar Fibre or Movistar Broad Band? Login to the app with your ID number and see all the details about your plan. Download and pay your bill and check your usage history.

• Pay the bill for your land line or mobile with a credit or debit card! See your balance, check the usage of your lines and activate exclusive data packages.

• Activate 10 GB for free! With Test Drive you get 10 GB a month for 3 months for free that includes calls to all carriers and free SMS, so you can keep tabs on your usage and find out which plan is best suited for you.

• Order and send free GB to your Movistar contacts from the app.

• Top up your mobile balance and choose to pay with a debit or credit card or on your next bill.

• Find the nearest Movistar customer service centres.

• If you’re on a prepaid plan, Packetise to get more while paying less with one of our packages! Find out about all the exclusive packages we have in the app and choose the one that is best for you.

• Check your 4G coverage and see the newest devices.

• Configure your phone without fuss

• Contact technical support for your land line and internet and keep track of your technical questions with the app.

• Talk or chat with Aura, the Movistar virtual assistant, who can help you manage your online life easier. Check your current usage or ask when you're going to use up your data before it happens.

• Have your contact list handy all the time! Because your contacts are stored in the cloud, they're available from any device you access Mi Movistar with, whether it's your friend's phone, a tablet or the web.

Download Mi Movistar now and you can have all the information about your mobile, land line and internet in a single app!

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12.0.1 APK
January 21, 2022
Android 7.0+
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