1. Fixed scores in SongBook.
2. Added search and sorting for Favorites, My Scores, and SongBook.
3. Added count-off in Mixer.
4. Removed zoom-out effect using pinch gesture.
5. Added "update" option for SongBook.
6. Fixed "update" option for Favorites and My Scores.
Find and play sheet music with MuseScore
• browse scores on MuseScore.com — one of the largest sheet music collections
• more than 700K pieces of free sheet music
• add scores to Favorites
• view and play your favorite sheet music — both online and offline
• convenient sheet music search
• the continuously increasing number of scores uploaded by MuseScore.com users
• unlock MuseScore Pro member benefits of both mobile app and MuseScore.com site

Large sheet music archive
One of the largest catalogs of sheet music, which can be browsed by instrument (piano, trumpet, violin, percussion, flute, etc.) and played immediately from the site with the embedded player.

Add to Favorites
Add pieces of sheet music you really enjoy to Favorites to get quick access to those scores, and learn to play them!

Download and keep your favorite scores with you offline.

With MuseScore you can:
• view and play sheet music
• set the tempo and transpose sheet music
• set the volume and visibility of each instrument in every score with the Mixer tool
• share your favorite sheet music
• export sheet music to PDF
• use metronome
• loop any part of a song with the Loop tool

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October 9, 2018
Android 4.1+
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