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Create awesome short videos with our editing tools and share with the world. With, you can use our music and sound library, stickers, face filters, beauty effects, and more for your videos!

• Add your favorite music to your videos
Easily edit your videos with thousands of free music clips and sound effects! We create featured music playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including pop, rock, rap, electronic, R&B, country, and more.

• Join the community of creators & show your talent
Millions of creators are on and waiting for you to join! With, you can show your incredible talents using only your phone camera. Be entertained, and be inspired.

• Use emoji stickers and face filters
There are hundreds of emoji stickers you can add to your videos to take them to the next level. With, you can use tons of fun face filters and beauty effects.

With’s easy-to-use editing tools, awesome effects, and access to today’s trending music, you can be creating and sharing videos with the world right now!

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From version 7.6.0:
-Want to use multiple clips? Now you can combine and edit several clips at once!
Latest: 7.6.0 on July 16, 2018
Latest: 6.8.0 on March 15, 2018
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