App: n-Track Studio
Version: 9.8.54 (900806916)
Languages: 75
Downloads: 6
127.23 MB (133,414,018 bytes)
Supports installation on external storage.
Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)
Target: Android 12 (API 31)
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a + x86 + x86_64
Permissions: 17Features: 4Libraries: 1
Uploaded March 24, 2023 at 6:54PM UTC by HoldTheDoor

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• New look-ahead mastering Limiter effect: maximize your song loudness
• New option to use multiple CPU threads in the audio engine lets you work with more tracks and/or effects
• Improved song mixdown/bounce speed
• Tap on any knob or slider opens full-screen knob for precise adjustment

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Turn your Android device into a powerful Music Production Studio.

Record an unlimited number of Audio, Instrument & Beat Tracks, mix and add effects: from Guitar Amps, to VocalTune & Reverb. Then edit your songs, share them online & join the Songtree community to collaborate with other artists.

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Try n-Track Studio for free: if you like it you can subscribe & unlock standard or advanced features*

• Record a track with the built-in mic or an external USB audio interface
• Add & edit audio tracks using our Loop Browser & royalty-free sample packs
• Import grooves & create beats using our Step Sequencer Beat Maker
• Create melodies using the internal keyboard with built-in virtual instruments. (You can connect external MIDI keyboards too)
• Use the mixer to adjust volumes, pan, EQ & add effects
• Save or Share the recording directly from your device

• Record & edit audio tracks
• Step Sequencer Beat Maker
• Instrument tracks
• Loop Browser & royalty-free sounds
• Unlimited number of tracks (max 8 tracks without subscription)
• Group & Aux channels
• Piano-roll MIDI Editor
• On-screen keyboard
• EQ with 2D & 3D Spectrum analyzer + chromatic tuner*
• VocalTune* pitch correction: automatically correct pitch imperfections on vocals and melodic parts
• Guitar & Bass Amp plugins
• Reverb, Echo, Chorus, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Distortion, Compressor, Denoiser, Lo-Fi, DynamicEQ, Arpeggiator & Convolution reverb effects
• Built-in Metronome
• Import tracks from your music library
• Automate volumes, pan and effects using envelopes
• Collaborate with other musicians using the built-in Songtree music making community
• Languages included: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian

• 64 bit audio engine*
• Set sampling frequency up to 192 kHz (frequencies above 48 kHz require an external audio device)
• Export 16, 24 or 32 bit audio files*
• Live input monitoring
• Follow Song Tempo & Pitch Shift dropdown menu on Audio Loops
• Record 4+ tracks simultaneously from USB pro-audio devices such as Focusrite, M-Audio, Apogee etc*
• Support for multiple audio output when using compatible USB devices*

*Some features require one of the three available in-app subscription levels:

FREE edition
What you get:
• Up to 8 tracks
• Up to 2 effects per track / channel
• Save your song online with the option to collaborate with other musicians NOTE: Saving to WAV/MP3 on your local device storage requires a purchase

STANDARD subscription ($0.99/month)
What you get:
• Unlimited audio & MIDI tracks (Free edition is limited to 8 tracks)
• Unlocks all the available effects (Free Edition has Reverb, Compression, Echo and Chorus)
• Unlimited number of effects per channel (Free Edition has up to 2)
• Export to WAV or MP3

EXTENDED subscription ($2.99/month)
Everything in Standard edition, plus:
• 64 bit audio engine
• Multichannel USB class-compliant audio interfaces
• Export in 24, 32 and 64 bit uncompressed (WAV) format (Standard Edition is limited to 16 bit WAV)
• 3D frequency spectrum view

SUITE subscription ($5.99/month)
Everything in Extended edition, plus:
• 10GB+ of Premium Royalty-Free WAV Loops & One-Shots
• Exclusive release-ready Beats & editable n-Track Studio Projects
• 400+ Sample Instruments

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