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NAVER MYBOX, a new and improved version of NAVER Cloud.

[Ample storage space and smart organizational functionality, experience NAVER MYBOX]

1. The best in the country, offering a vast 30 GB storage for free.
2. Store your photos on MYBOX using the automatic upload function.
3. Effectively organize your space in MYBOX with photo sorting and duplicate cleaning functions.
4. Share the vast storage space of MYBOX with the whole family, by purchasing an expansion of up to 2 TB.
5. MYBOX will suggest animations so you can travel back to the special moments in your photos.
6. Sort your precious photos by using the location tag and album functions.
7. Use the Date/Place/Theme smart search function to browse photos.
8. Easily share files and folders saved in the cloud via LINE, BAND, KakaoTalk, email, or text.
* Family sharing and some search functions are limited to paying users.

[Details of Required Application Access Permissions]
○ Contacts: You can invite people from your contacts and use NAVER Easy Login (only for devices with OS versions older than 6.0) when sharing a folder.
○ Storage: You can download files that are stored in MYBOX to your device and upload files that are stored on your device to MYBOX
○ Phone: You can check devices that are logged in (only for devices with OS versions older than 6.0) for safe use of NAVER and check the device ID for features such as changing the log in status.

If you have questions or issues while using the app,
Contact NAVER MYBOX’s customer center (naver.me/G0CkNlk9) to get them resolved.

Developer’s phone number:

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5.4.0 APK
November 10, 2020
Android 6.0+
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