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Latest Events

1. BLEACH Crossover

BLEACH comes to Heian-kyo again!

2. Treasure Chest

Complete quests to obtain Feathers, which can be used to exchange for rare and epic skins!

New Season Starts

Season 14 will start after the maintenance on 7/16.

New Content

1. Added the Highlight Battle Results feature.

2. Added a display area for system messages in matches.

S14 Battle Pass: First Cycle

S14 Battle Pass: First Cycle is on!

Season 13 opens with voyages into foreign realms, and plentiful amazements await!
First round of surprises: Spirit Book skin series arrives with [Summer Ark · Suzuka Gozen] and [Amorous River · Kiyohime]! What is the truth behind the downfall of the City of Lotus? Which old acquaintances are to be met in the river of the Underworld? A grand and exotic mythology is about to unfold in the battlefields of Heian-kyo.
Second round of surprises: Fortune has it that a brand-new Support shikigami - Enmusubi - is making her blessed debut! What is destined is definitely to come. Do look forward to her performance in the Heian-kyo battlefields~
In addition, the season Battle Pass will be renewed once again, with brand-new avatar frame, broadcasting topic, and even more rewards! See you in another adventure in Season 13!


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July 19, 2021
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Android 5.0+
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