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News Republic has complete, up-to-the-minute daily breaking news and headlines from over 2,500 fully licensed & trusted national and international sources. Easily personalized to give you the headlines that interest you from the world’s most popular publishers, including CNN, Huffington Post, Fox News, and Quartz. We have the latest on US politics and election results from around the world as well as local news and weather, and we personalize it all for you in just one customized feed.

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Get the very latest on US politics as well as political headlines and election results from around the world.

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We give you over 1 million national and global personalised topics in a lightning-fast, material design interface. Receive the very latest updates on global finance, business, sports, entertainment, politics, technology, health and travel and stay up-to-date with all the top buzz and latest celebrity gossip - get all that and more in one personalized feed.

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👍Trending: Can’t get enough of Trump and want the latest on US politics and important election updates from around the world? Keep on top buzz of the most popular trending articles and topics of the moment. Find the hottest and most-shared viral news that interests you by following your favorite topics and publishers like CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, Associated Press and Quartz and learn what is hot as it happens.
👍In-depth: Have a special interest in US politics and want the latest on Trump or want top local news and weather alerts for your city? Learn more by exploring related topics via our innovative navigation system to get all the articles and topics that interest you.
👍News Digest: Get all the day’s top political headlines, election updates and trending stories that you care about in one simple daily digest. We give you articles from the best national and international sources like CNN, Huffington Post, ESPN, BBC and Quartz and is built around your interests.
👍Featured Channels: Get the top US politics, business, finance, health, sports and local headlines all in one place. Follow CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, Huffington Post, Salon, Politico, Townhall, Breitbart, Time, USA Today, The Atlantic, BBC, The Economist and more for the very latest updates and in-depth analysis on the Trump administration.
👍Smart: Get this local news app for free and it will learn as you read - our technology quickly personalizes your experience automatically.
👍Customization: Want even more customization? Choose from over 1 million topics for a custom home screen and help create a highly personalized experience based on your interests.
👍Videos: We give you lightning-fast and in-app viral headlines including all the latest, most-shared and popular content of the day in one simple and easy-to-use material design interface.
👍Social: Want to share your interests with friends? Create your own free personal profile and use it across multiple devices to share what you like on all your favorite social networks.

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