The Open Source Nextcloud Android app allows you to access all your files on your Nextcloud.

* Easy, modern interface
* Upload your files to your Nextcloud server
* Share your files with others
* Keep your favorite files and folders synced
* Instant Upload for photos and videos taken by your device
* Multi-account support

Please report all issues at and discuss this app at ;-)

New to Nextcloud? Nextcloud is a private file sync & share and communication server. It is fully open source and you can host it yourself or pay a company to do it for you. That way, you are in control of your photos, your calendar and contact data, your documents and everything else.

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From version Nextcloud 3.5.0:
3.5.0 (February, 13, 2019)

- Chunked upload: 1mb on wifi, 10mb on wlan
- switch to Material design
- Option to not show notifications for new media folders
- Add support for QR codes & deep links
- Direct camera upload
- Fully working Document provider
- Detail view: show complete date on click
- Show correct share error message
- Use default/device font
- Sync all downloaded
- Add battery optimization warning

For full list please see
Latest: 3.1.0 on April 11, 2018
Latest: 3.5.0 on February 13, 2019
All versions
February 13, 2019
January 21, 2019
December 23, 2018
December 17, 2018
November 3, 2018
October 29, 2018
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