The Dr. Mario World game's service will end on Oct. 31, 2021, at 11PM PT.
For details, please check the in-game notifications.

■Fun and challenging match-3 puzzles

• Keep calm, take your time as you strategize to rid Dr. Mario's world of viruses in no time!
• Tap, rotate, and position red, blue, and yellow capsules to eliminate viruses! Match three objects of the same color vertically or horizontally in this fun, brain-tickling puzzle game.
• Clear stages by getting rid of all the viruses before your limited number of capsules run out.
• Try using leftover half-capsules by dragging them through blocks to fill gaps, or change the order of given capsules by sliding multiple capsules into the stage at the same time.

■Stages with lots of tricky objects

• Over 600 stages across various themed worlds with tons of tricky obstacles!
• Encounter obstacles like blocks that won't break until you clear nearby viruses, cages that won't open unless you clear the key of the same color, and bubbles that will keep floating up unless something above hinders them!
• Discover new stages added every two weeks.
• Diagnose and compare your scores and progress with your friends.

■Mario and friends became doctors?!

• A colorful cast of viruses has Dr. Mario's world in a panic! Dr. Mario and over 30 of his friends have put on lab coats and grabbed capsules! Now they're ready to eliminate those unruly viruses.
• Dr. Mario isn't the only one on call. Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, Donkey Kong, Nabbit, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, and more are ready to join your staff!
• Doctors and assistants have various virus-busting skills, so experiment to find a combination that suits your style and pace.

■Test your insight and speed in versus mode

• Battle online against friends and rivals around the world to earn battle points and increase your tier.
• Find the right combo of doctor and assistants and aim for victory!
• Enjoy a different flavor from stage mode in these heated battles that come down to speed, finger control, and strategy!

• This game is free to start, with optional in-game purchases.
• Persistent Internet and compatible smart device required. Data charges may apply.
• May contain advertising.
• For information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.

From version Dr. Mario World 2.4.0:

・Diamonds, packs (including Special Packs), and characters are no longer available for purchase.

Latest: 1.0.1 on July 9, 2019
Latest: 1.0.1 on July 9, 2019
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