We hope this version will significantly improve contact and call log loading.

Re silent call recording: In order to comply with the new Google Play Store Policy, this version removes Accessibility Service usage for call recording purposes.
Call recordings will be silent on Android 10+. SIP Calls and Android 7/8/9 are not affected.
You can email us at cb@nllapps.com or visit nllapps.com/no for more info
We are sorry but have no choice but to comply all Google Play Store policies.

ACR Phone Dialer & Spam Call Blocker is a phone app that can replace your default dialer. This is a brand-new app and we are constantly improving it.

Here are some features of ACR Phone Dialer & Spam Call Blocker:

We ask only permissions that are absolutely required. For example, while allowing contact access enhances features, app works even if you deny contacts permission. Your personal data such as contacts and call logs never transferred outside your phone.

Phone app:
Clean and fresh design with dark theme support. Currently under heavy development and might have some bugs. You have the choice to disable it if you are not satisfied. If you see any issues with call handling report to us

Blacklist / Spam blocking:
Unlike many other services this is an offline feature where you build your own blocklist. You can add any unwanted numbers to the Blacklist from the calls log, contacts list or input the number manually. Blacklist has different matching rules such as Exact or Relaxed matching. You can schedule black list rules per number. Completely implemented and ready to use.

Call announcer:
Announces contact names and numbers for incoming calls. It has advanced features such as announcing when headphones or Bluetooth headset connected.

Call notes:
Add and edit notes or reminders to calls to during or after call ended.

Easily Export or import your Call logs, Contacts and Call blocking database. Partially implemented.

Outgoing call blocker:
Optionally you can enable blocking outgoing calls to the numbers in your block list. Completely implemented and ready to use.

Call Log:
See and search all your calls in a clean interface. Completely implemented and ready to use.

Dual SIM Support:
Dual SIM phones are supported. You can set a default dialing account or decide just before each phone call

Simple contact list to quickly find and call your contacts. Partially completed.

Video and photo calling screen:
You can customize calling screen per contact and have video or photo as call screen. Just go to contacts tab, tap on a contact and choose Ringing Screen.

SIP Client (on supported devices):
Make and receive SIP calls right from the app with built-in SIP client for VoIP calls over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Call Recording (on supported devices):
Record your calls with advanced call recording features.

Cloud Uploads:
Automatically upload recorded calls to all major cloud service providers as well as your own Web or FTP server.

Auto Dialer:
Easily reach busy lines by automatically calling until call is connected.

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This release comes in several variants (we currently have 2). Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

Android 7.0+
Android 7.0+
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ACR Phone 0.210
July 17, 2022


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ACR Phone 0.209
July 12, 2022


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ACR Phone 0.207


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ACR Phone 0.206
June 22, 2022


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ACR Phone 0.205
June 14, 2022


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ACR Phone 0.203


Uploaded:May 23, 2022 at 2:59PM UTC

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ACR Phone 0.202


Uploaded:May 11, 2022 at 5:58PM UTC

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ACR Phone 0.201


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ACR Phone 0.116


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