Happy New Year, NordPassers. We’re starting the year with a few important updates. Here’s what to expect in this release.
- B2B TOTP. It might sound like random letters pieced together, but this means that NordPass Business users can now use TOTP functionality on Android devices. How exciting is that?
- AUTOFILL ISSUE REPORTING BETA. Is autofill not working as expected on your favorite browser? You can now tell us what’s wrong. Look for the Feedback (Beta) when filling in passwords.

NordPass free password manager app is designed to help you save, autofill, and access any password on any device. Store your passwords in an encrypted vault and the password keeper will offer to fill them in when you log in to your favorite accounts.

🥇 Fortify your passwords and security
NordPass password manager was built by the same people who designed the leading VPN service – NordVPN. It uses a state-of-the-art encryption algorithm – XChaCha20 – and a zero-knowledge policy. This means that the NordPass cannot view or access your items.

🔑 Save passwords with ease
When you log in to a new account, NordPass password saver will prompt you to save your credentials. You can do so with a click of a button. Your saved passwords will appear in your app immediately. You can access your passwords whenever you need them, even offline.

✔️ Log in automatically
NordPass recognizes accounts you’ve previously saved in your encrypted password vault and offers to autofill them whenever you need to log in. NordPass uses AccessibilityService API that helps the app to:

- Read the screen and understand the context
- Identify fields that need to be autofilled
- Automatically fill those fields on your behalf
- Save login credentials you entered and agreed to save

Legal disclaimer: No other sensitive data is collected or stored. NordPass has no access to your encrypted log in credentials saved by using the AccessibilityService API.

💻 Access your passwords on multiple devices
Forgot password? No problem. NordPass automatically syncs your passwords across all the devices and browsers you use. NordPass password app is currently available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Safari.

💪 In-built Password Generator: Generate complex passwords
The more unique your passwords are, the more difficult they are to hack. Generating complex passwords is easy with NordPass' Password Generator. Use it in-app or when creating new accounts online.

🛒 Simplify online shopping
Save time, and experience online shopping like never before. Store your payment card details and your personal info, such as home address. Next time you shop online, leave your wallet in your jeans and auto fill your details with NordPass password manager.

🔒 Advanced password protection
Protect your password wallet with a single strong Master Password that secures your account from intruders. It is also used to encrypt your passwords.

⚠️ Get real-time alerts when your email appears in a data breach
Stay in the know. Find out if any of your sensitive data has appeared in a data leak, and enable Breach Monitoring to get real-time alerts in case your email is found in a data breach.

🚨 Identify and change vulnerable passwords
Use Password Health to detect weak, reused or old passwords and change them to prevent cyberattacks and boost your overall security posture.

🛡️ Boost security with multi-factor authentication
Add an extra layer of security to your password protector with multi-factor authentication. You can set up your account with popular authenticator applications such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, and many others.

👆 Biometric authentication
Keep any password safe with a fingerprint lock and face ID. Set up biometric authentication for quick, easy, and secure access to your NordPass encrypted vault.

ℹ️ For more information, visit: nordpass.com
🔒 For our privacy policy, visit: nordpass.com/privacy-policy
✉️ For any questions, contact our customer support team at

📍Nord Security General Terms of Service, including the end-user license agreement, which governs a user’s rights to the NordPass app, among other things: my.nordaccount.com/legal/terms-of-service/

Download NordPass Password Manager app now and boost your online security.

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January 31, 2023
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