What's new in Venue: Companion App to Live Sports

A refreshed UI for Venue!

From version Venue: Live Sports Podcast Communities 3.3.0:

About Venue: Companion App to Live Sports

Venue enables sports fans to digitally join their favorite podcasters in the recording studio and interact with them while they record their episodes! Fans directly impact the content of the podcast episode by answering podcaster polls, asking challenging questions, chatting directly with the hosts and other fans, and submitting live reactions to the podcasters’ hot takes and controversial opinions!

How it works:

- Sports podcasters create communities in Venue, and can choose to go “on air” to start recording at anytime
- Fans who have subscribed to podcaster’s communities in Venue will be notified when the podcaster goes live on audio, and can join in on the fun in real time
- Podcasters and fans interact during the audio livestream through the app’s fan engagement features, such as reactions, chat, polls, and Q&A

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