Added support for:
- Photo Moments
- Multiple Creators in a Venue
- Always On Chat in some Venues
- Updated Survey
- App version checking/gating
Venue turns your phone into a second screen companion to the live race. Connect, chat, and analyze the race’s pivotal moments in real time.

With expert commentators hosting a Venue for each live race, you’ll get to read their live takes on the race, chat about the ups and downs with other fans, and share your opinions on what’s going to happen next!

Venue is perfect for the times when you’re watching the race alone but you still want to connect with like-minded fans and expert commentators.

How it works:

- Expert commentators facilitate interactive experiences, called Venues, that lasts the course of the race.

- Passionate fans open Venue on race day to join one of these commentator-led Venues.

- Each Venue is a place for fans to come together to connect, chat, and analyze the race’s pivotal moments in real time.

Download Venue now and join other passionate fans using Venue to connect, chat, & analyze the race’s pivotal moments in real time!
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July 8, 2020
Android 8.0+
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July 8, 2020
Android 8.0+
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July 8, 2020
Android 8.0+
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