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In order to win the long war, they killed the enemy and created a powerful killing machine “Thunderer”.
She was surrounded by terrifying thunder, effortlessly flapping her heavy mechanical wings, waving a hard hammer with her slender hands…
As a killing machine, she has been waiting for a reliable commander.
Fight together, and there will be no fear in the world.
Do you hear it? Her footsteps——

All-new season S5 opens, redefining “futuristic sci-fi”, providing the ultimate graphics for your enjoyment.
Enjoy the Grand Treasure, with so many skins to be obtained; New chess pieces arrive to push your operation to the limit!

[Futuristic sci-fi theme: All-new appearances released, taking you to the metagalaxy!]
All-new Thunderer skins —— Kirin, Wings of God, Righteous Angel and Yanar
All-new Commanders —— Duke Leito, “Discovery" Mech, Alien Observation Ship and Rakshasa
All-new Gates —— Alien Observation Ship, Flagship Hatch and Temple Fair
All-new Boards —— Sand Dunes, "Freedom" Headquarters, Temple Fair

[All-new pieces: Earthquake arrive!]
SNK officially licensed, [Fighter’s] race 5th character Earthquake arrives!
All-new chess piece bring you more strategic options!

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November 7, 2020
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
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