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This is the official NYCDOT parking app.
Check out the brand new ParkNYC app and website! We’ve made this a completely user-friendly experience, making paying for parking in NYC super convenient.
We’ve added a new single-payment option so you can pay as you park. Our app will notify you when your time is expiring so you can easily extend it on the go, all from your mobile device.

Have you ever been late to an important meeting and you can’t find a parking spot? How infuriating!
Say goodbye to this feeling with the introduction of ParkNYC - the now easiest, fastest way to find and pay for parking anywhere in New York City!
This innovative app provides a user-friendly way to easily download, create an account, locate parking zones, and pay all in one place and across multiple devices.
Save yourself some time - Install the ParkNYC app today!

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