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2.8.8 ! Thought we would stop at product addition ? All OFF volunteers kept working hard. 590k products, 182 countries, 10K+ contributors, incl. you 🙂
1. You can now edit any product with your OFF account. Click on ✏️ on a product page to edit.
2. 🌍 Slovak, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Hungarian and Vietnamese ( to help)
3. Open Food Facts is a fully volunteer-run effort: You can donate time ( or money (

Scan food products or their barcode to obtain data on ingredients, additives and nutrition facts.

The app allows to view the 547.000 products (including 175.000 in the US) already contained in the free and open database Open Food Facts, and also to add pictures and data for missing products.

In short, we're kind of "the Wikipedia of food", as many have nicknamed the project. Open Food Facts is the source of over 100 apps like Date Limite, Yuka or FoodVisor.

To discover the Open Food Facts project, please visit

***Contribute to Food Transparency***

- Open Food Facts is a food products database made by everyone, for everyone.
- You can use it to make better food choices, and as it is open data, anyone can re-use it for any purpose.
- Open Food Facts is a non-profit project developed by thousands of volunteers from around the world. We have lots of exciting projects you can contribute to in many different ways.
- You can start contributing today by adding a product from your food cupboard.

*** Get the Facts ***
- Open Food Facts helps you to make sense of the fine print on products labels. You will be able to find (according to the indications present on the products):
- carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) and packaging (as well as recycling instructions),
- Nutriscore (nutritional score), nutrients, fat / fat content, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, protein and salt and sodium.
- brands, allergens, labels (bio, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, halal, kosher ...), traceability information (packaging codes, origins of ingredients)
- On wines and beers, you will find the alcohol content.

*** Works well in any condition ***
- You can add new products, even if you don't have an Internet connection right now.
- The app loads only the strict necessary to reduce data and battery consumption
- You don't need a camera to look up a product. You can also type the barcode if you lack a camera or have an issue with it.

*** Your food, your data ***
- Your data is yours, and is never sent online
- You can use the app anonymously
- You can export your scan history

Open Food Facts is also available on the web at
Questions, feedback : [email protected]

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