Welcome to Open Garden!

OG enables anyone to share their Internet connection with people nearby in exchange for our cryptocurrency, $OG Token.

Provide WiFi:

Ready to become a micro-ISP? Set your price under the Connections tab. If you’re feeling charitable, you can set the price to 0 and provide free WiFi.

Our app enables you to see when another user has connected and is currently buying internet from you. You can also opt to share your mobile data (LTE), and whether or not your phone needs be plugged in while sharing to prevent draining the battery.

OG users who connect to your WiFi hotspot will pay for access with OG Token. You can sell your OG Tokens by using the app’s built-in Wallet, and track all of your token sales and purchases under the Transactions tab.

Get WiFi:

Find nearby WiFi providers and see their rates. Pick a provider, connect, and pay only for the data that you use. If a provider is offering free WiFi, you’re in luck!

OG Token is used to purchase WiFi from OG providers. Buy OG Tokens using the app’s built-in Wallet, and track your purchases under the Transactions tab.

Beta OG (Revision 1) Token

If you participated in our Beta and purchased our OG Revision 1 token, this token was for testing and demo purposes only. We will destroy all OGR1 and refund all purchases on a best efforts basis.


Note: OG requires WiFi, location, and VPN settings to be enabled.

From version OG P2P Internet 0.22.3:

Bug fixes.

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