Open Garden allows your Android phone to share its Wi-Fi Internet access with others.

Welcome to Open Garden 0.10

This is the big beta!

With this release, we’re introducing our Open Garden (OG) coin, the currency of Internet sharing. Now, when you share your Internet connection, you can earn OG and become part of the Internet of us!

All of what you want to do is up front. With the new Connections screen, you can find other Open Garden users near you and connect. Your Account screen makes it easy to track your OG balance as well as buy and sell OG. Finally, the new Marketplace is where you can set pricing to earn OG by sharing, or keep Internet sharing free.

So what else is new?

— Buy and Sell OG
— Set your profile name and photo
— Learn more with our smart FAQ
— Let us know of problems through our Help feature
— Contact us and let us know what you think

And you can keep using Open Garden as before. You can still connect to and share Internet connections for free if you want to.

We’re also building support for some interesting and amazing features for not-too-distant-future releases. Of course we’re the ones saying they’ll be amazing, but really, we’re pretty sure they will be.

But wait, we do have an IMPORTANT “it’s a beta” warning! We may have to reset things before the final release — so do not spend any XLM or buy any OG you’d be unhappy to lose.

Thanks for being a part of the garden!


Note : Open Garden requires Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Location to be enabled.
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