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- Added support for 20 new languages. Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Greek, Italian, Persian, Arabic, Malay, Marathi, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Ukrainian, Chinese, Finnish.
- Most of translation is not perfect, so help us to improve translation in your language.
CPU X shows most complete information about devices like processor, cores, speed, model, ram, camera, sensors etc. See most detailed specifications of other Android smartphones.
You can discuss with smartphone enthusiasts around the world to exchange ideas and share knowledge. You can ask questions or give answers.


• Search Devices - See most detailed specifications of other Android smartphones.

• Internet Speed Monitor - See current download & upload speed in notifications and combined speed in status bar.

• Articles - helpful how-to guide and informative articles.

• Question/answer forum - a special dedicated forum to solve problems and queries.

• Discussion forum - a dedicated discussion forum for exchanging ideas , sharing knowledge related to android, smartphone, technology etc.

• Announcements - weekly announcement of best users, posts, questions, answers etc.

• Widget - a semi transparent widget on home screen displays at-a-glance information of device's important status.
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2.8.4 APK
January 31, 2019
Android 5.0+
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