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- Corrections for Russian Language translations on profile
- Fixes for push notifications related to Private Messaging
- Improved stability around creation of new Parleys

Parler is a non-biased, free speech social media focused on protecting user’s rights. Create your own community and enjoy content and news in in real time. Apply moderation tools to filter content. Empower yourself to control your social experience and be a verified member of the community!


Discover sports, news, politics, and entertainment
Engage with official statements and thoughts from community leaders
Experience dynamic media — like photos, and GIFs
Echo, Share, Vote and Comment on Parlays
Debate and Moderate
Get caught up on news headlines and videos
Be apart of the viral experience
Find out who started following you
Discover which of your Parlays were votes or echo'd
Respond to comments or echos
Private message your clique
Share Parlays and other media
Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo
Tell the world what you need them to know!

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