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Paysenger continues to evolve. In this update, we:
- changed the create a request screen.
- changed the respond to request screen.
- made it easier to start a new chat.
- updated the design of feed post cards.
- fixed minor bugs.

Do you enjoy following the lives of your favorite celebrities?
Interested in watching their travels, shopping, or smarties?
Do you ever wish you could talk to one of them live?
Paysenger gives you that opportunity! Now you can personally ask all your questions to influencers, celebrities, and other famous personalities and get a direct answer or a personal recommendation.
With the Paysenger platform, you get a real opportunity to get to know your favorite influencers, comedians, athletes, and even experts.
You can get advice on topics you care about, ask a question you’ve wanted for a long time or ask to congratulate your friend, mother, or loved one on their birthday, for example!
All this is available thanks to Paysenger.
Grow to the status of a real superfan and get the treatment you deserve. Support your favorite creator to turn their path into something sustainable and help them invest more in their content.
Maybe you don’t have a certain idol, but you’re sure to have questions about topics you’ve been wondering about for a long time: how to eat right, how to start exercising, how to become a popular blogger or a comedian? You can feel free to contact our experts, vloggers, and athletes at Paysenger and they’ll help you get personalized answers!
Paysenger is the platform of the future, designed to help professionals, athletes, actors, and influencers talk with their audience. Are you already one of them?
Then you can become an author and communicate with your fans, giving important advice or helping them find answers in a direction where you’ve been successful and still earn money on communication by self-determining the value of one of the three types of communication.
There are 3 ways to communicate in the app:
1. text message - ask your question in text format and get an answer in messenger.
2. audio message - record a voice message and you’ll get an answer with your voice.
3. video message - record a video question or request, then you’ll get a video postcard with an answer.
What is the difference between the Paysenger platform and analog services:
– Helping influencers save time by bringing your audience together in one place while generating additional revenue;
– We make not just an entertainment format, people are interested to communicate and get advice or recommendations from vloggers and professionals in their field;
– We give a platform where celebrities put prices for different types of communications (messages, audio, video), and subscribers get an opportunity to connect with a person and get all the information they are interested in in one place.

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