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Min: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Target: Android 13 (API 33)
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Uploaded December 23, 2022 at 1:49PM UTC by HoldTheDoor

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Paysenger continues to evolve. In this new update we:

- Changed navigation in the feed
- Added the Top Creators section
- Started new theme collections with experts
- Fixed some minor bugs.

Join as an Expert or Creator and get tEGO for posting content loved by your audiences and replying to your fans' requests. Create, collaborate and win together with your favorite Creators and Experts. Earn tokens for watching your favorite content and giving likes.

Paysenger is a Web3 social network where creators, fans and sponsors collaborate to bring content ideas to reality. It’s an easy way for your fans to request paid exclusive content, private chats or consultation from you.

In addition, you get rewarded for every action you take on this app! Win tEGO tokens for giving likes, commenting or simply interacting with other users!

Every action or piece of content on the app has the potential to earn tokens. The tEGO rewards system works round the clock to reward users on the platform for their activity and participation.

If You’re a Creator –

Paysenger makes monetization easy for both new and experienced creators.

There are many ways to earn tEGO. For example, you can answer paid messages from fans, fulfill content requests from sponsors or collaborate with other users.

Publish new content, make it to the top leaderboards and get regular tEGO rewards for your efforts!

Give your fans, followers and sponsors a place to easily make payments and support your content.

1. Create a Paysenger profile.
2. Link your socials.
3. Post content on your profile and attract followers.
4. Take special requests from your patrons and supporters.
5. Do favors and give paid advice.
6. Receive sponsorship proposals from brands and sponsors.
7. Grow as a creator.

If You’re a Sponsor or Idea Maker –

On Paysenger, you can achieve your content goals and ideas by collaborating with social media stars, celebrities, artists, actors, musicians, bloggers, content creators and more!

Even if you’re not a creator yourself, you can win tEGO tokens for supplying ideas to creators and producing content in collaboration!

1. Search influencers, bloggers, experts and creators by category.
2. Send content ideas, requirements and special requests.
3. Make secure refundable payments.
4. Get delivery.
5. Claim partial ownership of content produced by others.
6. Publish and get tEGO rewards.

If You’re a General User, Patron or Supporter –

Our app makes it easy to talk to your favorite creators.

In addition, it rewards you with tEGO for giving likes and comments to content in the feed!

1. Browse top videos and photos from your favorite creators.
2. Give likes and comments to win tEGO.
3. Talk to your favorite creators and ask them for exclusive photos or videos (for example, Happy Birthday shoutouts).
4. Support your favorite creators by sending more and more paid requests.
5. Get refunded if your request gets declined or ignored.
6. Keep in touch with creators you love and support.

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November 22, 2022


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