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What if you want to take a quick look at the local weather forecast though - but without leaving an app you’re using? Try Navbar Weather!

What is "Navbar Weather"?

Most weather forecast apps will give you the option to display the temperature or weather condition only in the status bar. Navbar Weather takes things to the navigation bar.

Navigation bar is quite necessary for Navbar Weather to work!

How does Navbar Weather work?

The app shows the temperatures for the next five days, in three-hour intervals, on your navigation bar. You can also set an image instead which shows what the weather will be like for the next 12 hours.

When you’ve installed the app, launch it from your app drawer. You’ll be asked to grant it location access. This is required to get the local weather forecast for your area. Almost every weather forecast app requires this permission. Once you grant the permission an overlay appears to guide you around the app.

If you tap on the three-dot menu button in the top-right you can access the Settings. Here you can switch on or off the 3-hour steps on the 5-day weather forecast being displayed in your navigation bar. Some other options will let you change the number of days shown on the chart and even the graph type of the two supported – line chart and bar chart.

With Navbar Weather you can get max. 5 day / 3 hour weather forecast:
★The weather forecast is available at any location or city and includes weather data every 3 hours or 1 hour.
★ Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Cloudiness, Wind speed, Rain volume and UV Index - all that presented on detailed chart.
★ Two types of graphs is available now: line chart and bar chart
★ Possibility to set transparent background
★ Current weather icon at notification bar

This app does NOT require ROOT access. Use it with any of your devices with Navigation Bar!

If you experiencing that app is disappearing sometimes from navigation bar, try to turn off battery optimization for Navbar Weather in your Android settings.

App need permission to get localization of your smartphone (to get localized weather forecast data) and permission to display over other apps (it's obligatory to place weather forecast at your navigation bar).

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October 17, 2018
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