In this update, we’ve made a few adjustments to make sure the app keeps on running smoothly.

Picnic is the supermarket on wheels! We deliver all your groceries at home - always for low prices, free of charge. Download the app and quickly see if we already deliver in your area!

The huge advantage of the small car

✔️ Always low prices and free home delivery
At Picnic, we don't have expensive stores. And for you, that means: always low prices and free home delivery! In addition to all the shopping you are used to, you will also find new super deals and delicious discount recipes in the app every week. You save what we save!

✔️ Fresh from whey to you
We bring all your vegetables, fruit, and dairy directly from the farmer to you. Without unnecessary stops. And because your groceries are not waiting on the shelves, they always arrive fresh at your home!

✔️No shops, that means sustainable
Our electric cars drive through the neighborhood via smart routes. Like this, we save a lot of trips to the supermarket together! We also only buy the products that you order. The advantage? 90% less waste than a normal supermarket.

The big things a small car can do…

How does Picnic work?

1. Download the app and order your groceries online
To order at Picnic you need the Picnic app. Download it now and register. You can collect all the groceries you need in the app as soon as you can order. Make a shopping list, and choose a delivery time. We’ll take care of the rest!

2. We take care of your shopping
Now it's our turn! As soon as we have all orders for the next day in, we send our shopping list to our baker, greengrocer, and the other suppliers. Once everything is neatly packed, we are ready to leave for your neighborhood. We keep the fresh products nice and cool in separate crates.

3. We deliver your groceries to your home for free
With our sustainable, electric cars we drive through the neighborhood via smart routes. In this way, we ensure that everything on your shopping list is delivered to your home, punctual to the minute.

Did you know that Picnic is the fastest-growing online supermarket in the Netherlands? Don't worry if we can't deliver to you yet, because we are expanding quickly. Sign up and we'll keep you posted!

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March 22, 2023
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