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It’s Snoopy’s birthday! His family comes around and prepares a surprise party while Charlie Brown distracts the beagle taking him around town, remembering funny and wholesome moments that they shared. Will everything be ready in time? Will Spike pop any balloons? Is the cake tall enough? Tune in to find out!

– 41 New Buildings including Invitation Balloons and Birthday Presents!
– 25 New Animations including Yay Snoopy! and Make a Wish.
– 16 New Outfits like Birthday Beagle and Fun Party Suit!

Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang are building a town! Come and join them and become part of Snoopy's game based on the Peanuts comic strip!

Build a town with classic Peanuts tales characters! Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Woodstock and all the Snoopy's friends are ready for an amazing construction simulator adventure! Become the builder of Snoopy's town by expanding the neighborhood and developing a world full of imagination with your favorite Peanuts characters! Explore iconic locations from the comic strip and solve every quest and mission!

Snoopy is struggling to write his next great novel when he notices that a “new kid,” the Little Red-Haired Girl, has moved into town, right next door. Snoopy decides to put his role of “World Famous Author” aside and instead adopt a new role, “Chair-Beagle of the Welcoming Committee.” Help him to write the story of his new town by starting to build a neighborhood with all of his favorite people and places!

Features of Snoopy’s Building Town Simulator:
• Build a Village and Custom Peanuts World
• Design and develop a city and explore iconic locations based on the comics
• Rebuild, decorate and craft attractions like Charlie Brown’s house, the baseball field and the skating rink and expand the village for a new simulation adventure
• Build a house for Snoopy, plant trees, create houses and back yards and set more than 200 decorations in this simulator

Town Growth: Build wonderful houses
• Building a city is not easy! Work hard and earn experience ending every quest successfully!
• The construction of the city will not disappoint Peanuts fans: this building simulator is a true copy of the comics!
• Take the chance to finish every quest and task in order to make your village grow!

Pet Simulator Adventure
• Snoopy brought his family to visit his doghouse!
• Play dog games with Spike, Belle and the rest of the Peanuts puppy beagles of the neighborhood

Build a city full of houses with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, his classmates and the Peanuts gang in this free construction simulator!

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