An evil race of spooky aliens has invaded the earth to steal all the Halloween candy! The Addams family will defend the Mansion and their candy from the EVIL Space Emperor using every trick and cheat at their disposal.

Alien Attack Event!

- 40 new Match 3 levels!
- 1 New seasonal Kooky Box with rewards from the Nasty Nightmares Event
- 10+ New seasonal OUTFITS
– 10 New Quests!
– 4 New Mini Events!
– 1 New Catacombs Level!
– 1 New Assimilation Level!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Now become really CREEPY and KOOKY with the ADDAMS FAMILY in their Mystery Mansion! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Start collecting your Addams Family characters. Get the legendary lovers Morticia and Gomez, plus Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, the Granny and many more. Design, plan, build and decorate a HORROR HOUSE, set up a creepy new home for the ADDAMS FAMILY and get them scream in their new home!

🏚 The most important features of the ADDAMS FAMILY Mystery Mansion 🏚 :

COLLECT ALL CHARACTERS from the film by Metro Goldwyn Meyer!
As a room planner, DESIGN, PLAN, BUILD and DECORATE your own MYSTERY MANSION and creepy PERSONALIZE through creepy furniture!
EXPAND the horror house and unlock NEW INTERIOR and DECORATION in each level!
Build creepy and FUNNY ITEMS to meet the needs of the Addams family and get them scream!
ENJOY the charm and humor of the Addams family in our ORIGINAL STORY!

🛌 Your ADDAMS FAMILY MYSTERY MANSION is the stuff for wild nightmares and a creepy story! 🛌

In addition to planning, building and designing, do not forget to DECORATE the house especially creepy: You have furniture, pictures, carnivorous plants and many other scary items for a creepy decor and decoration available to the Mystery Mansion to give it the famous ADDAMS FAMILY charm and get the characters scream! Act as a professional room planner and build a house in which the ADDAMS FAMILY feels right at home and the characters can experience one creepy story after another that unfolds as the characters play!

⚠️ This is what awaits you in ADDAMS FAMILY: Mystery Mansion: ⚠️

Live an original ADDAMS FAMILY story and experience one scary story after another
Collect the popular characters: Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, the Granny, ...
Discover the dark secrets of the Addams family
The creepy HORROR house is constantly expanded with new furniture and unlock new areas
Design, plan, build and decorate the mystery mansion according to your own scary wishes and ideas
Choose from a large number of creepy and crazy items for a scary decor and decoration and get the Addams family characters scream

The official horror house building game for creepy room planners based on the animated film “The Addams Family” by Metro Goldwyn Meyer, where the Addams family first conquered the cinema as an animated comedy and provided scary fun. Morticia, her husband Gomez, their children Wednesday and Pugsley as well as Uncle Fester and the Granny are looking for a new home in their new adventure and finally find a mysterious horror house on a scary night.

START NOW AS A CREEPY ROOM PLANNER and create a creepy and scary home for the Addams Family by using scary furniture and other creepy interior!


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0.6.1 APK
October 3, 2022
Android 4.4+
0.6.1 APK
October 3, 2022
Android 4.4+
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