- Loans are back! Sense will notify everyone eligible about available loans.
- Remote refinancing. Available right in Sense if eligible.
- No need to worry! The bugs have been fixed! :)

Sense SuperApp is a unified digital bank for personal finance and individual entrepreneurs. No matter for one or both, there’s just one screen for all tasks!

It is quick and easy to become a client and to receive a digital card:
- 15 minutes via video chat
- 5 minutes via Diia
- 1 minute later, you can already use your digital card

Together we will win:
- Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine – swift money transfers in Sense to the special account of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).
- Military bonds – purchasing and obtaining a qualified electronic signature (QES) online takes 5 minutes in Sense. There are three issues of bonds available for investments: with repayment on 27/07/2022, 02/11/2022 and 21/06/2023. The rates are fixed at 9.5%, 10%, and 11% respectively.
- eSupport card – online issue of the card for receiving state help for those displaced.
- Deposits – “Mobile” is safe for a short period of 7, 14, or 29 days; “Profitable” is with a bonus for prolongation, from 3 to 24 months; “Saving” is with a period on demand.
- No fees for utility payments and transfers between cards.

The entire Sense SuperApp in 5 menu buttons:
- Desktop – accounts, operation templates, and history of actions.
- Products – all issued products and everything that the bank can offer.
- Profile – complete personalization: language selection and communication style; 2 modes (light and dark); upload your own sounds, change wallpaper, and profile photo.
- Now – internal media about finance, lifestyle, and bank news.
- Chat – online support 24/7.

Paying, transfering, exchanging, and sending at your convenience:
- Drag’n’drop — drag an account with money onto any template, drop, and enter the amount.
- Payment/Transfer — a classic menu of options: transfers by card number or phone number, IBAN, or QR code via third-party services to the accounts of 70,000+ organisations (from utilities to tuition fees).
- QR codes or links — raise money for a gift or share a bill at a café quickly and easily.

Helping you reach your full potential as an entrepreneur:
- Business accounts for individual entrepreneurs – tax payments, money withdrawal to your personal card, issue of business cards, currency exchange, and issue of foreign currency accounts.

Using Sense with comfort:
- Personal financial manager — you can keep track of your expenses in categories, select expense models to control your budget, and read reports.
- Subscriptions — you can check whether your cards are linked to Apple/Google/Garmin Pay, online stores and services, and manage them with ease.
- Statements and receipts — you can generate, receive, and use them immediately.
- Vacation plans — you can get insurance for yourself and your family right in Sense.

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2.13.1 APK
August 8, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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