- Everythings makes Sense: we are now officially Sense Bank and the digital bank Sense SuperApp uses the new name.
- Nothing is bugged: the development team got rid of another bunch of the most annoying mistakes.

Sense SuperApp is the unified digital bank for personal funds and individual entrepreneur’s account

It is swift to become a client and issue a digital card:
• 15 minutes via video chat
• 5 minutes with the help of “Diia” app
• In just 1 minute you will be able to use your digital card and if you need a plastic card, you can order it in Sense

Together we will win:
• Help for the Armed Forces of Ukraine — swift transfers in Sense to the special account of the National Bank of Ukraine
• Military bonds — it takes only 5 minutes online in Sense to purchase and receive the QES (qualified electronic signature)
• Purchase of foreign currency to open a deposit from your UAH account/card
• Deposits: “Mobile” is safe for a short period of 7/14/29 days, “Profitable” with the bonus for prolongation from 3 to 24 months, “Maximum” for any period
• Referral program “Invite a friend” — invite your friends to download Sense SuperApp and receive 100 UAH each to your accounts if a friend is a new client of the bank

The entire Sense SuperApp is available on just 5 buttons of the main menu:
• Desktop — your accounts, operations templates and history
• Products — all already issued products and what the bank can still offer
• Profile — full personalization: you can choose the language and style of communication; 2 modes (dark/light); 2 types of messages (Push and SMS); download your own sounds, change the wallpapers of the Desktop and your profile photo
• Now — inner media about finances, lifestyle and bank news
• Chat/ Video chat — online support 24/7

Full-scale individual entrepreneurship:
• Business account for the individual entrepreneur: tax payments, money withdrawal to a personal card, sale of currency, opening of accounts in foreign currencies, business card issuing and management

Using Sense is convenient:
• Swift payments to more than 70 000 organizations, utilities, mobile balance top-up with no additional charge, QR code payments
• Ability to create templates for payments and transfers
• Unique “Drag’n’Drop” function — drag one of the shortcuts onto the other to make payments even faster
• “Raise money” service — if you have to split the bill in a cafe or chip in for the birthday present
• Tokens and subscriptions management — control all your subscriptions and delete the token if necessary so that your money is not debited from the card
• Personal financial manager — view the statistics by expenses categories, choose your expenses plans and let Sense make a forecast and warn you in case of non-compliance
• Account statements and receipts — you can issue and receive them immediately to use
• Vacation plans — you can get insurance for you and your family right in Sense

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2.21.0 APK
December 1, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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November 4, 2022


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