We're constantly updating Playsee to bring the best experience to our users. Here are some exciting updates for 8.2.16:
• Introducing Playsee Boards! Looking for a new restaurant to try out? Are you up-to-date on the latest happenings in your area? Join Boards to find out what's happening around you!
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Capture & share everyday experiences with Playsee. Discover new places, people, and experiences; Contact the locals via our brand-new Playsee Boards feature to start new conversations in the community and get first-hand information on the latest local happenings from the locals’ perspective. Use Playsee Boards and Playsee’s interactive map interface to discover all the big and little things happening in your area. Find new friends around you that share common interests, and start building your Playsee social community!
Join over 10 million users today and watch or create your own short videos and stories that can be shared with nearby users or the entire Playsee community.
:星星: Highlights
• Explore and watch videos from around the world with Go! and share video stories of places only locals would know.
• Curious about what’s happening around you? Ask the locals and make new friends on Playsee Boards!
• Take social networking to the next level and get discovered locally!
• Discover trending locations for food, drinks, hangouts and more!
:世界地圖: Interactive Map Discovery
• The short video sharing platform to find & watch video shorts and stories of fun places posted by locals. See it and hear it from the local community!
• Let the map be your guide & find popular food and hang out locations / spots with personalized recommendations and hashtags.
• Watch videos of local experiences from around the world - from your neighborhood, the next town over - anywhere your heart desires!
:圓圖釘: Discover & Explore New Spots
• Check-in at your local hotspots & capture your best videos / moments to share with your friends & followers / people around you.
• Let people know where it’s good to grab a drink & food around your area and share your thoughts by filming short video stories.
• Explore trending places and hidden gems, events and happenings in your area or use Go! to take a sneak peek for your next vacation and get to know the locals.
• Ask the locals for recommendations only they know with Playsee Boards!
:說話泡泡: Connect locally with Playsee Boards
• Use Playsee Boards to find out what’s happening in your area, discover the latest buzz!
• Join in or start conversations on Boards to engage with people around you and let people around the world hear what you have to say!
• Connect with people around you in your community and make new friends!
• Expand your local friend group into social media circles across the world.
:揮手: Build Your Own Community
• Establish a social media following through your content & sharing short videos.
• Become an influencer and show your followers the real you by sharing your everyday life on our short video platform.
• Use trending, local, and relevant hashtags to share and become discovered.
:地球_美洲: Share Your Moments with Followers, Friends, and Beyond
• Like, comment, share & save your favorite short video stories.
• Make new friends and share posts, stories & videos from Playsee to other social media apps.
At Playsee, we make everything around you visible. Through shared local discovery, our short video social media platform highlights all the little moments in your life and connects you with the people in your community.
Download & be a part of the video social media trend on the hottest social-networking app.
Playsee's Safety Practices: Playsee requests location access while you use the app to post trending video story experiences and to share fun places. But don't worry, we are super serious about user privacy and safety. Your immediate real-time location is never stored or shared and is only visible to you. Your data is secure & safe at all times.
Need help or want to leave feedback? Visit help.playsee.co

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8.2.17 APK
October 2, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
8.2.17 APK
October 3, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 5.0+
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