[Android TV] Improve global quality settings for video and audio.
[Mobile] Video playback support in multi-window mode.
[Mobile] Move "Folders" View to filters panel.
[Mobile] Server update notification and automatic upgrade.
[TV] Ability to remove tracks from a play queue and items from a playlist.
[TV] Browsing photos and videos that are on a mobile device is no longer supported. Casting (flinging) photos and videos from the device to the TV app still works.
[TV] Update minimum server version to to align with Plex Web.
Warning message shown before deleting a playlist had misleading text.
[Android TV] Library sections were incorrectly being fetched without pagination from PMS.
[Android TV] 'Passthrough' warning dialog had incorrect 'Error' title.
[Android TV] App could stop displaying OSD actions after dismissing video quality selector.
[Local Playback] Playback videos in correct rotation.
[Local Playback] Crash determining language name on Android 4.4.2.
[Local Playback] Allow player support update whilst a headset is connected.
[Local Playback] Ignore videos from hidden folders, and folders containing ".nomedia".
[Local Playback] Improve reliability when opening videos from 3rd party applications.
[Local Playback] Improve handling of preplay when opened with a HTTP link without a filename.
[Local Playback] Resolve crash releasing input buffers.
[Local Playback] MPEG videos failed to appear in video list.
[Local Playback] Crash during OpenGL ES surface start on x86
[Mobile] Enable multi-selection on timeline view.
[Mobile] "Show all" button in quality settings screen could not work on devices running Android < 7.
[Mobile] Crash on startup loading native libraries.
[Mobile] Folders not being displayed in photo libraries.
[Mobile, Android TV] Don't crash when attempting to play some channel content.
[TV] Trying to exit the app would sometimes crash it.
[TV] Increase application startup timeout to give slow starting devices / situations more time.
[TV] If server found after displaying startup failure screen, close the screen automatically.
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June 19, 2017
Android 4.1+
June 19, 2017
Android 6.0+
June 19, 2017
Android 4.1+
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