Version: 4.0.12-10 (257)
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a + mips + x86 + x86_64
Package: com.alert.poke
14.94 MB (15,664,497 bytes)
Min: Android 4.4 (Kitkat, API 19)
Target: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Uploaded January 17, 2017 at 5:36PM UTC by Lutz

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PokeAlert 4.0.12-10

Fix Duplicate when send notification to external services (Just a reminder but when you cleanup the map no matter what you the app will resend all the poke it finds)

There a was 'bug' where when the scan was running and the user made a cache-scan all the found pokemon were sent to the external services

Fix spawn database clear button

Added spawn imports

Fix external notification not sending notification

Fix crash for some people when starting a scan

To avoid the above in future version I force stop the service when the app gets updated

** I have moved all PokeAlert file (accounts, spawns and filters) from the root to a clean PokeAlert folder. You don't need to do anything**

PokeAlert 4.0.12-8

Fix a crash on startup when cache server is down

Fix a crash happening when displaying an error message
(During a scan sometimes there is an error and I show a message, that was causing a crash)

Fix an other silent crash when automatically placing lures.

PokeAlert 4.0.12-7

Fix Ditto expiration time

Fix Pokemon upload when not signed-in

PokeAlert 4.0.12-6

Lure Orgie 🎉
(tap on a PokeStop and mark it has "auto place lure" so that when an account with a lure goes near it it automatically place the lure. Once the account has placed a lure that PokeStop is removed from "place a lure list"

update pokestop drawing, now it is real-time. when an account re-scanned a pokestop it will automatically turn blue or pink depending on if it has lure or not (before it was not updating live)

Small UI Fix where the "cache scan' down icon was tiny

PokeAlert 4.0.12-5:

Add experimental expiration time prediction based on known expiration time
for this to work I had to temporarily disable the spawnPoint saving feature. So now every time PokeAlert detects a valid expiration time it will store the Pokemon in the internal database. You can checkout how much Pokemon are stored in the Spawn Point screen.

Added the expiration prediction for external notification as well only for people with the "full external notification" item

Fixed a bug where the external notification text was showing (0s) when there was a valid expiration time

Added the ability to enable / disabled a single locked area. (simply tap on the area and you will see the check box on the top right corner of the dialog)

PokeAlert 4.0.12-4

Fix an issue with the quick-scan

Fix a UI bug where the quick-scan loading bar was not centered

Fix a UI bug where the cache-scan cost was set to 0 on app startup

PokeAlert 4.0.12-3

Fix a bug where in some rare (but not so rare) scenario the same account was scanning multiple time the same area (basically speedcapping itself and causing captcha)

Fix the weight filter for the external notification (it was not applied)

Change the thunderbolt icon to a globe icon to bette represent the 'cache-scan'

PokeAlert 4.0.12-2

Fix a bug where I had broken GMAIL scanning accounts

Fix a bug where Account were not getting updated upon login

PokeAlert 4.0.12-1

Added an experimental "phased login" process. As it was before PokeAlert 'mass login' all your accounts on the first scan. This is not 'ideal' when you have something like 30 or 40 accounts (worse when you have over 100)
In this version, PokeAlert will login your account 10 by 10 with a 1 second pause between waves). Basically you will see 10 yellow circle and then as the accounts log-in they will start they scan routine and then more and more yellow yellow circle will appear on after the other. This will fight against RPM spike on first scans and avoid raising to much attention by mass log-gin 30 accounts at the same time. (and plus now we have pretty yellow circle ❤️ )

Fix some small UI issue when the cache is down

PokeAlert 4.0.12:

Added the token reward system for the cache-scan. Refer to #cache-scan-fair-use-idea for more info. To start the ratio will be a 20:1

Added the "remaining cache scan token" in the menu header

Mux added server side the token calculation depending on what area you scanned you will receive the right amount of token

Added a small token "cost" just above the cache-scan token to show you the approx 'price' of a cache-scan

Fix some crash found in the bug report happening when sometime the service starts

Refactor the UI so that for the people that donated for no-ads the menu is drop to the bottom

PokeAlert - Pokemon Notification for PokemonGO

PokeAlert has been developed by a handsome (:)) and enthusiast Pokemon trainer. Basically it is an nice alternative to PokeVision, an app to help you scan for Pokemon around you AND that triggers notifications when you are not using the app.

Before starting let's get the things straight. With PokeAlert you will be allowed to freely scan wherever you want. This means that if you scan YOUR location and then scan New-York or whatever REALLY FARE from YOUR location, it is an obvious sign of cheating and you will probably have your account banned.

With great scanner comes great responsibilities, be smart and just scan walkable or (drivable area). PokeAlert itself is very stealthy and respect a 10 seconds timeout between requests so if you scan responsively you should be safe!

DO NOT USE YOUR OFFICIAL ACCOUNT. Please create a separate Pokemon Trainer or Gmail account JUST for this app


Ditto mode, special mode that allows PokeAlert to find Ditto (Warning!!! This mode is interfering with your account! Pokemons and items are being transfered in order to makes space for new ones!!)
Real Player tries to simulate 'natural behavior of player' (Pokestop spinnning, Pokemon catching, Item transfers) (Warning!!! Real Player is interfering with your account! Pokemons and items are being transfered in order to make space for new ones!!)
IP ban and Speed Cap detection- Scanning circles are turning red if one of these happens.
Stealth mode, scans are controlled and do not spam PokemonGO servers to avoid bans
Login with Google or Pokemon Trainer Account
Multi-Account (Add one or more accounts for faster scan)
Shows pokemon on a Map
Scan in the background
Sends notification when a Pokemon is found
Filters to chose which pokemon trigger a notification
Filters to chose which pokemon will be shown on the map

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