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Your friend Dara is out sick. What with her missing classes and the weekend getaway, you know she really can use some mmm food booster right now.

The thing is: you live far away from her place, and you don’t know what to get her. But it’s no problemo, GO-FOOD NOW HAS LOCATION PICKER*. You can see recommendations and order food from different areas, including Dara’s. (Hey look, promos on muffins? Perfect.)

Send Dara her muffins. Update to 3.21.
Do you remember that time, right on the New Year’s Eve, in the middle of the night, you opened your notes app to jot down thoughts similar to this?

“In 2019, I aim to be a better person. Become selfless and give more to others”.

Little did you know, all is possible. And you can start with a few simple things. Like download GOJEK app! GOJEK is the app with the same mission as yours: to improve the welfare and livelihood of Indonesian people.

By being a GOJEK user, not only you will get all your daily needs done more comfortable, but you will also contribute to helping millions of our drivers and partners to bring their dreams to come to life.

Some of the needs that you can fulfill while also spreading kindness with us are:
1. Order online transportation

By ordering online transportation like GO-RIDE (online ojek or ojol), GO-CAR, and GO-BLUEBIRD (online taxi), you can arrive at your destination hassle-free while also help our drivers by contributing to their income.

2. Order food 24/7

By ordering food from GO-FOOD partners, you would get your food delivered to your door 24/7 by our drivers. At the same time, you help our partners expanding their business. There’s no stopping you. With GO-FOOD, you support many food businesses across Indonesia. So, whether you order food from GO-FOOD Bandung, GO-FOOD Surabaya, or GO-FOOD Jogja, all is same-same. No more typing on a search engine for “restaurants near me.” Wanna order pizza? Order Pizza Hut, PHD, and Domino’s Pizza through GO-FOOD! Feeling like eating chicken and burgers? We can bring you dishes from KFC Indonesia, Hokben, McDonald’s and Richeese Factory right away! Or if you fancy something sweet like donuts? We can bring you dishes from JCO delivery and Dunkin’ Donuts. We would do everything to make sure you’re happy, cause we’re your new go-to delivery service!

3. Shop daily needs

You can shop all your daily needs in GO-DAILY or GO-SHOP, plus you can also buy meds in GO-MED. All is available online with us.

4. Get tickets

You can get tickets for your favorite movie, the trending music festival in town, and entrance tickets for the recreational spots of your choice only a few clicks away.

5. Top up your balance and pay your bills

When you run out of pulsa, you can easily buy it via GO-PULSA. You can also pay your electric and water bills, internet, cable TV, and many more via GO-BILLS. There might be cashback promos for you to enjoy in the future!

Last but not least, pay all of them quickly and hassle-free using your GO-PAY balance. Top up one time to pay it all. Not to mention, you can also transfer your balance to your friends, withdraw it to your bank account, or give out tips to our drivers. All you have to do is verify your GO-PAY and register your bank account.

You can start fulfilling your needs and doing kindness at the same time. Don’t wait no more. Download GOJEK now!

P.S: Also, if you wanna help out our other partners more while also getting a massage, a salon to your doorsteps, a cleaner home with zero effort, or even a fixer to mend your car, you can do it all through GO-LIFE. We have GO-MASSAGE, GO-GLAM, GO-CLEAN, and GO-AUTO on one app. Download GO-LIFE at Google Play Store now.
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January 30, 2019
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