Your goals, our scientific approach to helping you take charge of your finances… it’s a winning combination that’s already helped more than 2 million people start their journey toward money happiness.

Using behavioural science, we’ve developed a smarter money app that helps you reach your financial goals without changing the way you live. The best part – our approach works just as well for couples as individuals.

And because we know just how hard (and boring) it is to stick to saving and budgeting plans, Qapital’s checking, saving and investing tools do the heavy lifting for you – automatically.


Qapital is built on the idea that money happiness is personal. That’s why Qapital puts your Goals front and center, then helps you plan your spending, saving and investing around them. And you don’t need to give up your existing bank account.

1. Stop budgeting, start Qapitalizing
Let’s face it, traditional budgeting simply doesn’t work for most people. Life gets in the way, or we see something we suddenly can’t live without – we’ve all been there. Qapital replaces spreadsheets with scientifically designed money tools that help you take charge of your entire financial universe.

2. Pay yourself first with Payday Divvy™
The Qapital effect starts the moment you get paid – Payday Divvy automatically divides up your paycheck between short- and long-term goals, bills and discretionary spending (don’t worry, your money is always available to cover unforeseen expenses).

3. Build successful money habits that last
Big picture in place, Qapital gets to work on the details. Spending Sweet Spot makes it easy to adjust your spending week by week while still helping you save automatically toward your Goals. And it all works by leveraging the habits you have – rather than expecting you to start new ones.

Smarter checking: Our FDIC-insured checking account gives you instant access to savings balances, instant free transfers from savings Goals, a Visa® debit card that works with Google Pay, direct deposit with early access to your paycheck, and bill pay. All without any of the hidden fees regular banks saddle you with.

Smarter spending: Our smart money manager will help you make sense of your weekly spending habits. Discover how you spend, and you'll learn where to save.

Smarter saving: Set your savings Goals then use our smart Rules to save toward them automatically. You can also customize your own Rules with our IFTTT integration (we have a few to get you started). All FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

Smarter shared finances: Designed for the way couples manage money together today, Qapital Dream Team™ lets you save toward shared Goals and see one another’s transactions without giving up your individual accounts.

Smarter investing: Qapital Invest is investing for people who like the idea of investing but don’t really know where to start. Set your Goals, pick a portfolio and a timeline, and then leave the nitty gritty to us. Smart.

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From version Qapital: Set & Forget Finances 4.77.0:

This release includes updates to our shopping feature. It has a new name (say hi to Cashback Hacks!) and you’ll find some improvements to the cashback earnings dashboard. We've also made visual design and content updates to our introduction screens. And as always, we’ve squashed some bugs and made a few small fixes to make your experience with the app even better.

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