Looking for a new TV show to binge watch? Not sure what to watch next? Get Watchworthy now to find your personalized TV recommendations! Take our 30-second TV quiz, and we’ll show you which TV shows you’ll love and where to watch them. Customize your personal watchlist, and never miss out on new shows again!

Let's face it. TV has gone from simple to overwhelming. There are hundreds of channels and TV streaming apps to choose from, offering thousands of TV shows to watch and binge. In fact, over 500 new scripted TV shows premiered in 2019 alone!

🙅 Ain’t nobody got time for that!

If you’re like most people, you spend over 10 minutes each day trying to find what to watch next. We've all been there. Flipping through different TV streaming apps, scrolling forever, adding shows to your TV watchlist but never actually watching anything...

Then, when you can’t decide what to watch next, give up and binge watch TV shows like The Office yet again.

Wish there was a free TV guide app for Android to help you find good TV show recommendations to binge watch and where to watch them?

Welcome to Watchworthy!

🤓 Personalized TV Recommendations

Watchworthy starts with crowd-sourced data from over 200 million votes on Ranker.com, by people like you, voting on and ranking TV shows they like and don’t like. We combine this data with fancy science and math to predict TV recommendations you’ll love.

But wait… there’s more!

🍿 Find Your Next Binge

Not sure you want to invest time in a new TV show? Then realize after 3 episodes that you wasted your time?

Use Watchworthy as your personalized TV recommender and binge finder. Before you commit to a new show, look it up to see how binge-worthy it is based on your personal TV tastes.

Stay on top of the latest shows by using our app as your personal TV show tracker. New shows are always being added!

📺 Your Personal Streaming Guide

Need a streaming guide to help navigate your apps? Watchworthy lets you set the services you subscribe to, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and over 200 other streaming services, letting you filter out shows you don't have access to.

Build a master Watchlist combining all your watchlists from all the streaming apps and channels you subscribe to. You can even start watching shows straight from your Watchlist with a single tap. Think of Watchworthy as your personalized TV recommender and the new TV guide app for the 21 Century!

As our reviewers are saying - Watchworthy is the TV guide app they didn’t know they were missing!

But don’t take our word for it.

🔥 Here’s What The Media Is Saying

“The New ‘Watchworthy’ App From Ranker Is EXACTLY What We All Need Right Now” --- BuzzFeed

“... Watchworthy… might just be the solution TV lovers have been looking for…” -- Elite Daily

“It’s the only statistically relevant, crowd-sourced recommendation app on the market. And the only one you’ll need!” -- Pop-Culturalist

“The antidote for viewers who are overloaded by the bewildering array of program choices in the Peak TV era.” -- VideoNuze

✅ Watch More and Browse Less In Seconds

- Start with a fun, interactive quiz so Watchworthy can learn what you like and don’t like

- Get your personalized TV show recommendations, find out where to watch them, and add the shows you think are binge-worthy to your Watchlist to create your personal streaming guide

- Every personalized match on your Worthy List comes with a Worthy score based on how much we know you’ll like it

- Rate more shows to improve your personalized TV show recommendations

- Filter your Worthy List by genre, streaming service, content rating, and more

- Connect your apps and streaming services and watch shows on your device, or via screencast, with a simple tap

🎉 All this for free!

Isn’t it time you had a watchlist as unique as you? Stop wasting time looking for things to watch and spend more time watching with the ultimate streaming guide.

Install Watchworthy now and find your next binge!

From version Watchworthy - Personalized TV Recommendations 0.2:

What's new:

- Starting now, you can create multiple watchlists. Want a "Comedy Favorites" watchlist for only the funniest picks? You can make it. Itching to create a "Best 90s Sitcoms" watchlist for your throwback days? You do you. We know you'll do the right thing and add Seinfeld to that one.

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