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Here comes the exciting new Dream Blast update!

-PLAY 50 NEW LEVELS every week! Amazing puzzle adventures and challenges wait to be solved!
-LOTS OF EVENTS! We are constantly starting exciting events in the game, your chance to earn limited time exclusive rewards and Avatars!
-NEW CONTENT! Explosive TNT box can be found on level 4200!

Time to get Blasting!

🕹Play Angry Birds Dream Blast by Rovio in 2020🕹
Pop & crush each bubble in Angry Birds Dream Blast, the casual toon bird bubbles puzzle game with content from the original Angry Birds Movie 2! Join the celebrations, crush bird puzzles & have plenty of laughs and with the toon bubbles game. With so many puzzles to crush it is the bird bubble puzzle dream 2020! Play the Angry Birds Dream Blast game and beat the toon puzzle; pop, blast & crush all bubbles to win every casual puzzle. Show your skills at this original Angry Birds casual puzzle game to all of your friends & play epic bird toon bubbles puzzles.

🧩Free Bubble Bird Puzzle Game Rovio with Toon Look🧩
Angry Birds Dream Blast puzzles are easy to pick up in 2020. Pop, blast & crush groups of similarly colored dream bubbles with a simple tap — pop or crush enough toy bubbles at once in one game and you’ll earn a Red booster in a bird bubble puzzle! In Angry Birds Dream Blast, the best fun bubble puzzle game by Rovio, one Red can take out a row of bubbles, and two Reds combine to make a Chuck, which pops bubbles in four puzzle directions. Two original Chucks make the extra powerful toon Bomb booster to blast & pop many bubbles at once in the puzzle game! Baby Bomb may look funny and cute, but his energy can even clear an entire screen of toon bubbles in each of the bird puzzles to win! Combine bubbles for powerful boosters in Angry Birds Dream Blast, the bird bubble puzzle game by Rovio. Download the bird casual puzzle game for free, start to play, pop, blast & crush as many bubbles as you can and win in each of the puzzles with the help of your classic toon epic Angry Birds friends. Each epic casual bubbles puzzle game is a blast.

🕵️‍♀️Different Classic Levels of Puzzle🕵️‍♂️
Play Angry Birds Dream Blast with all its free classic bubble pop puzzles. Each free level of the fun bird bubble puzzle game comes with different color combinations of bubbles. Use your puzzle skills and all classic Angry Birds friends to make your way through the bubbles puzzles in the epic game and win.
Can you pop, blast & crush every bubble in each original level? Prove your puzzle skills to your friends and start to play Angry Birds Dream Blast, one the best free toy casual bubble puzzle bird games by Rovio!

Epic looking toon designs and animations of bubbles by Rovio
Angry Birds Dream Blast puzzles are not just to play, they also have epic toon designs. Angry Birds Dream Blast, one of the best free bird bubble shooter puzzle games 2020 is available with classic bird toon looks. All free puzzles, bubbles, or classic Angry Birds friends are playable in high toon quality. Pop & crush epic toy bubbles with classic toon designs.

🎉Angry Birds Dream Blast free puzzles come with epic toy features in 2020:🎉
– A bubble puzzle game that’s easy to play in 2020 with friends! 🏡🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️
– Pop, blast, & crush groups of dream bubbles & solve fun toon puzzles and win. 🏆🏅
– Pop & crush many bubbles at once to unleash special powers of your favorite classic Angry Birds friends to solve all best puzzles! 💪💣
– Countless free classic puzzles in Angry Birds Dream Blasts, one of the best toon bubble bird puzzle games 2020.🧩🕹

Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us a message to get help with bubbles and epic puzzles! support.rovio.com/
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Angry Birds Dream Blast, one of the best original toon bubble bird puzzle games 2020, is completely free, but there are optional in-app purchases available.

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