personalDNSfilter - a DNS filter with encrypted DNS support - for your privacy.

personalDNSfilter is a DNS filter app for Android. It hooks into the domain name (DNS) resolution and blocks access to filtered hosts. It can be used for filtering any unwanted hosts which are related to malware, phishing, tracking and more based on a host list.

It will be an eye opener, when you see the personalDNSfilter live log showing all the different domains accessed from your mobile under the hood.

On Android 4.2 and newer it can be used as effective malware, tracking and ad server filter without root access!

personalDNSfilter is also a DNS changer app, you can set any upstream DNS server you trust. It also supports encrypted DNS servers via DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and DoT (DNS over TLS).

Filtering is completely local - no tracking, no data is sent to us!

You can run it locally on your device or centrally as DNS server in your network.

A big telegram community is already in place, with friendly people
from around the world, willing to support you. ( )

▪ personalDNSfilter is not a real VPN - it does not hide your IP and does not cloak your location
▪ App whitelist works only in VPN filter mode - not in root mode
▪ With personalDNSfilter it's not possible to block YouTube and Facebook ads (and other first party ads). Please use alternative platform clients
▪ We don't collect user data - no data is sent to us in any way

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CAUTION: With version config files are now stored in storage/Android/data/ - use a file explorer to backup files.

Software Disclaimer

Be aware that you use this free software at your own risk.
Zenz Solutions & ryder203 can not in any way be hold liable
for any malfunctions or data loss of third party apps, system apps
or functionalities of your operating system that may occur
while or after you are using our software on any device.

The filterlists used in our free software are from third party sources.
Zenz Solutions & ryder203 can not in any way be hold liable for
any content of these filterlists, and the results of using them.

personalDNSfilter is distributed without any warranty.
See the GNU General Public License v2 for more details.

personalDNSfilter is developed by Ingo Zenz aka ize and Tobias Ritter aka ryder203 or t-ryder.

The awesome promo images backgrounds were made by Pawel Czerwinski. Thanks!

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